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Jul 11, 2005
I just want to say that after signing up for casinos through affiliates that I am very mad that they fail to pay out even when I meet the requirements.

Poke_rrebates did this to me because I was banned by the sportingbetusa group. I followed both the website's and casino's terms and conditions yet they are unwilling to pay me. I feel that if I do what I am suppose to do then I should be paid accordingly.

My advice is for everyone to avoid this affiliate so they do not screw you over also.

Click the links through casinomeister instead when available.
I really did not come here looking for advice as poke-rrebates is unwilling to honour the agreement. I just posted this in the hopes that no one else does business with them; casinos or players.

Hopefully they will learn not to back out of the terms they set as it is not worth screwing a customer over.
I didn't find a web site using the name you provided, is
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it? What exactly did they do, or not do in this case? I've got no influence with gambling sites, but a lot of other people here do... If you post some information, perhaps someone here can intercede on your behalf.
the affilliate said they do not get to find out why I was banned from the casino. All they care about is if they get their payment. I suggested that maybe I was banned because I signed up through their links. They replied that they have very good relationships with their casinos. If that was truly the case why would the casinos treat the customers they refer like crap?
Looks like Sporting Bet (who just screwed all of their affiliates out of all their pay for ever, threatened them if they posted about it on message boards, and offered players money to close their accounts and open new ones so they would not be under any affiliates anymore. What are they, the mob, breaking contracts, threatening and stealing? Are they going to break my kneecaps because I am posting this on a message board?) and an uncaring poker rebate jerk affiliate deserve each other.

I am just sorry you had to get caught between two rogues.

One rogue is bad enough.

I have been posting about rogue poker rebate affiliates for some time, and yes, you can get banned from some rooms for using some of them. And they should have relationships with the affiliate programs that allow them to take care of players. If a rebate aff has no connection to the poker room, then they are not legit to start. They are likely operating without the room's permission. Of course they would normally be able to deal with problems for their players. However, with Sporting Bet this is a lost cause one way or another.

You need to research affiliate sites too. Some are very helpful, and some are out to lunch permanently.

I am sorry, I would love to help you out but Sporting Bet is a rogue among affiliates, they screwed all their affiliates royally. The last thing those folks will listen to is an affiliate, and especially one who posts all about it on message boards. :eek2:

Really, you should probably be glad you don't play at Sporting Bet anymore. If they screw me, they'll likely screw you too.
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