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Mar 8, 2017
Over the past several months we have been experiencing problems with some affiliate companies that have resulted in account closures. We have dealt with over 500 affiliate companies over the past 20 years and are very concerned about what we see as a trend. In the past it seemed to be the new casinos that find themselves in a position where they need to take advantage of affiliates. Unfortunately, this behavior and strategy seems to be spreading to larger more established brands.

We feel that there is insufficient reason for the closure, and that the affiliate companies are being opportunistic. Their motivation on their part looks to be that they want to keep our players and stop paying commission. They say that they have information or a reason to close our account but they refuse to provide specifics. They use loose reasons like:

One of your players violated one of our terms. But they refuse to indicate who or what. Does it seem fair or logical to close the door on us at the possibility of one player violating their terms? What about all the other good players? Betfair Affiliates, Betsson Group, Bet Victor Affiliates.

You have poor quality traffic. When asked what they really mean, we don’t get a good answer. For this reason, we have to deduct what this means. We don’t direct people to sites by tricking them so this can’t be it. When we looked into our member stats we noticed that we had a few players win a few larger amounts leading up to account closure. So, what they are really saying is that Poor Quality traffic is when people win. I actually had one casino be honest about this and say that a couple of our players were winning too often. Does it make sense to be in the online Gambling industry and have expectations that players will not go on winning streaks once in a while? Don’t the players have to win once in a while? Betfair Affiliates, Betsson Group, Bet Victor Affiliates.

There are new UK compliance rules. We had a couple of casinos review us and say that we are 100% compliant and that they are happy with our compliance to and then proceed to close our accounts right after claiming the closure was because of the UK compliance rules. Does this make any sense? 188Bet Affiliates, Branders Partners, Gala Partners, Ladbrokes, Coral Affiliates, Totesport Affiliates.

Where is this industry going? Is it the new normal that casino's look for any reason to try to justify the closure of an account, provide excuses and then refuse to provide any credible information. Do these casino's grow off the backs of the affiliate traffic and then once they are big enough close the accounts? Is this the natural evolution? We need you until we don’t need you. Can’t we get back to where casino’s and affiliates get back to working together to promote the credibility of the online industry and prosper together.


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Aug 25, 2004
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Welcome to the party!

I was screwed over by the likes of Bet Victor, Ladbrokes, Coral, and Sky Vegas ages ago. (Plus many others as well).
Noting you can do about it - it's just one of the risks of being an affiliate.
Dump 'em and move on.


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