Advice: Best In-Ear Headphones?


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Hi Everyone!

I've been following this forum for a while and I see that a lot of you are tech geeks :)

I need some advice on buying in-ear headphones. I listen to music a lot and up until now have only been spending £15-£20 on headphones, predictably they don't last very long! Usually within 2/3 months an ear-bud stops working, the mic breaks down etc.

I'm thinking of going all out and spending up to £200 on a good pair with a great sound quality that will last, for a change.

What headphones do you guys use and what would you recommend?




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the earphones I like are...

I like the Sony MDR700, studio/monitor quality in-ear earphones....

Listening wise....
They sound quality is awesome...
Deep bass, crisp treble, and a frequency response that exceeds the audible range (these earphones roll-off around 25+ khz, I recall) so the 'pass band' seems fairly flat across the audible frequency range, and the stereo imaging is pin-sharp

Dependability wise....
I've had my pair for over four years... Still 'alive' on both sides, and the cables haven't pulled out of the buds yet!!! ... And they've had inevitable tangles with aircraft seat arm-rests!!!

Then.. Around £120...
Now, unfortunately 'end of life' ... You'll have to go trawling eBay (watch out for the flood of counterfeit MDR700's on there though!)


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few tips

1 if in store try then out on two different devices
2 don't believe marketing or sales
3 check warranty conditions
4 web research on non sponsored sites
5 most speakers are made in the same places a cheaper brand can have same parts as a higher brand its all about paying for a name
6 consider a pair of light or fold-able over the ear headphones less stress on the ear drum
7 also think about what type of music you will be playing and how that will effect the speakers
8 you don't have to spend over $50 to have great audio the bob marley ones my partner got where great and basically sounded like the ones 3 times the price (over the ear ones)


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These are my go-to guys for gear recommendations these days:
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They suggest Sony XBA-H1 :
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Bonus! : the Sony XBA-H1 are currently available for around £100.

Wirecutter typically offers 2nd and 3rd suggestions too so it can be a quick way to get some research done.