Poll Advent Tournament 'Casinomeister Poetry' - Your Fav Poem?

Your Favourite Poem?

  • 1)Ode to Nothing

    Votes: 15 33.3%
  • 2) There is another forum

    Votes: 5 11.1%
  • 3) December in the CM Forum

    Votes: 6 13.3%
  • 4) Early Christmas Morn

    Votes: 5 11.1%
  • 5) Casinomeister limerick

    Votes: 14 31.1%

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Mar 2, 2018
Ho ho ho Dear Members!
Here's the full list of poems received, I have to say I'm impressed with the level of them.

Just Pick one.

1)Ode to Nothing

I sit and wait, while the spins in flight,
I gesticulate, when the win was shite,
I click once more, the button named spin,
And once again, I hope I win.

Well that was crap, I say once more,
As the game i kick, back out the door,
Another one loaded, while I sit and sip,
On my cup of tea, while I wait to flip.

And once again, its 2 times bet,
But I say to myself, 'I shall not fret',
The next spin will be better, I chant out loud,
The slot is gleaming, and looking proud.

But the reels each land, not what I need,
In positions that I do not need,
My anger it begins to feed,
When I at once I realise,

Id started the game, and did not notice,
My slot bet size, it looked atrocious,
Id forgot to change the damned thing down
My eyebrows, hence begin to frown,

I look down the screen and shake my head
When I realize that, my balance is.. dead.
Muttering to myself...

And lower the bet I should have done,
Instead of losing, a couple ton,
Ill learn next time, I'm sure I will,
Losing my balance, is no thrill.

Off to the meister to commiserate,
And read some news, with posts to rate,
Ill return to the game another time,
When clear of head, and clear of mind.

2) There is another forum

There is another site
Ever serene and fair,
And there is another PAB service,
Though it be darkness there;

Never mind faded forums, Rob,
Never mind silent YT channels -
Here is a little Bar & Grill,
Where spirit is always high;

Here is a brighter section,
Where not a rogue has been;
In its unfading promos
I hear the happy player hum:
Daniel, my brother,
Into CM forum come!

3) December in the CM Forum

There's scores of members scrambling
For Merry Xmas Matches
With occasional moaners rambling
Who belong in booby hatches

With tinfoilers screaming riggedness
At December's newest releases
There's wins of those whose are biggestest
And who had got the measliest

But there's also loads of fun and cheer
Such as trivia for the wisest
(and if Bryan has his say, there's beer)
With rewards of cash and prizes

So come along for Christmas fun
Bring your goodwill if you remember
Cheers the newbs and all your buds
In CM forum this December

4) Early Christmas Morn

On the lawn I see in the crisp, fresh snow
There's a trail of rabbit tracks
And from the kitchen comes the smells I know
Fresh coffee and pancake stacks
It's early Christmas morn

In the treetops I hear chickadees sing
A sweet melodious tweet
From the house I hear the alarms go ding
And the pattering of feet
It's early Christmas morn

Down the stairs they come in their reverie
Rubbing sleep out of their eyes
Forming a circle round the Christmas tree
Unwrapping each boxed surpise
It's early Christmas morn

They each hug their dolly and their toy truck
Their eyes sparkling with delight
I bless this day for my bountiful luck
As I pull the missus tight
It's early christmas morn

5) Casinomeister limerick

When you ‘google’ a casino or a slot,
The word ‘Casinomeister’ appears a lot.
It’s the site where to go,
For help from a pro,
For lists and great offers it’s got.

But then you’re drawn into the forum,
Where members all act with decorum
Apart from a few,
Like the cheeky one: spoo,
But you soon learn how to adore ‘em.

So come along and join in,
With jokes and comps you might win.
Of the reps I’m a fan,
Conor, Rach and our Dan,
We’ll make sure you leave with a grin!


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May 22, 2012
the bus shelter, opposite GCHQ Benhall
A Big Time Gaming Christmas:

Oh! bonus bells, bonus bells,
3 scatters all the way
Oh what fun it is to try,
and make Bonanza bloody pay!

Oh! Bonus bells, bonus bells,
I finally got the 'D'
Hey! look I've won,
eighty fucking pee!

Oh! Bonus bells, bonus bells,
I look on in disgust
A million ways of sod-all,
That's another bankroll bust!

Oh! Bonus bells, bonus bells,
I deposit even more lolly
The bastard's gonna make me pay,
for my festive folly!

Oh! bonus bells, bonus bells,
let's try Chilli instead
Oh what a big surprise,
it's just as fucking dead!

Oh! bonus bells, bonus bells,
I'm never the spawny twat
Now I'm totally skint,
And have a starving cat!

Oh! bonus bells, bonus bells,
I just found Millionaire
Now I'll ask the audience,
WTF? this really ain't fair!

Oh! bonus bells, bonus bells,
they just refuse to ring
So I'm left with Turkey Twizzlers
And a stupid song to sing.

Happy Christmas!!!


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Aug 25, 2004
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Once again, I somehow missed this thread until AFTER the poll closed :oops:
But I would have voted No.1 - so at least I like the result!

I don't know who wrote those poems - but I have to say that they are ALL excellent! :thumbsup:
...and I thought the only artists on this forum were piss-artists! :p
KK :cheers: