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RIP Brian
Feb 22, 2001
It's a not-so-fond farewell to Representative Jim Leach, the original architect of the UIGEA attack on players' cash transfers, who has conceded defeat in the mid-terms.....

Leach concedes victory to Loebsack

Muscatine Journal


In an extremely close race, challenger Dave Loebsack pulled off what may have been the biggest surprise of Iowas election night, unseating long-time U.S. Rep. Jim Leach for election to the 2nd District congressional seat.

Democrat Loebsack, 53, of Mount Vernon, is a political science professor at Cornell College. His campaign platforms included raising the minimum wage, health-care reform and offering more Pell grants to students. He also supported a one-year timetable to withdraw U.S. troops from Iraq.

He also promised to support investigations into impeachable offenses by President George W. Bush, which he reiterated early today.

Democrats took control of the House Tuesday night for the first time in more than 10 years.

Republican Leach, 64, has served 30 years in Congress since his election as 1st District representative in 1976. In 2001 he moved to Iowa City, which is in the 2nd District.

We knew it was possible, Loebsack said. When I was going into this district talking to people, they said they wanted a change. Theyve been ready for years. Theyve seen what the Bush administration and the Republican Congress have done and they want hope restored.

Leach is no stranger to close elections. He was re-elected in 2002 with 52 percent of the vote.

Early this morning with 281 out of 326 precincts reporting statewide, Loebsack led with 51.37 percent of the vote to Leachs 48.63 percent, according to the Iowa Secretary of States office.

Leachs campaign manager, Gary Grant, said that despite the close race, and regardless of the final tally, Leach had no plans to challenge the race.

I think everyone expected a close race, Grant said. He was very appreciative of the campaign (Loebsack). He respects the integrity of the county auditors.

Grant said Leach planned to make no statements to the press this morning, outside of a concession statement he gave earlier to a Cedar Rapids television station.

Leach, viewed by many as one of the more liberal Republicans in the House, has advocated for the withdrawal of troops from Iraq, abortion rights and environmental issues.

During his re-election campaign, he called Internet gambling legislation -making it illegal for banks or credit card companies or agents such as PayPal to settle an online wager - one of his proudest accomplishments.

Loebsack did not believe national issues - such as the frustration many Democrats express with the war in Iraq - played a factor in this election.

I think this was a localized a race as any. he said.
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From this article this got my interest:

And in one of a series of state referendums, voters in South Dakota have overturned a near-total ban on abortions passed by the state legislature earlier this year.

Not fully understanding US politics, how do referendums get put forward on certain issues such as this? What is the trigger?
Now that Leach is gone I want to see the results for anti-online gambling folks like Goodlatte and Kyl (last I heard was that Kyl looked like the winner....but he had a tougher fight than he's been used to in the past)
Goodlatte cruises to re-election

The News Virginian
Wednesday, November 8, 2006

With little opposition, Rep. Bob Goodlatte easily coasted to his eighth term in office Tuesday, claiming a whopping 75 percent of the 6th District vote. Link Removed (invalid URL) :mad:

The Associated Press
Updated 11/8/2006 5:33 AM ET
Sen. Jon Kyl defeated millionaire shopping mall developer Jim Pederson on Tuesday in an expensive Arizona Senate race that turned on voters' attitudes about national security and illegal immigration.
Kyl, who won his third term, moves up in Republican leadership with the defeat of Sen. Rick Santorum in Pennsylvania. Kyl said he now plans to run for Santorum's position as chairman of the Senate Republican conference.

Kyl received 486,888 votes, or about 52%, with 95% of precincts reporting. Pederson had 412,174 votes, or about 44%, and Libertarian candidate Richard Mack received 30,995 votes, or about 3%.

Pederson, who sunk more than $10 million of his own money into the race, told supporters to celebrate other victories for Democrats in Arizona and around the country.
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Damn!!!!!:mad: It would have been so nice to see a clean sweep of these three out of power....

Hi Jet:

Depending upon Montana and Virginia finally end up Goodlatte and Kyl could be relegated to being toothless tigers if Montana and Virginia go to the Democrats as that will relinquish control of the Senate from the Republicans.

Have a good one.
Virginia results is leaning to Democrats but with only .3% difference in votes, a recount is likely to be done. See Outdated URL (Invalid)

Montana is leaning Democrat too but a recount likely there too.
The exit polls showed that while 40% of voters were concerned with the Iraq policy, it was outstripped by 42% who were more concerned about corruption in US politics. The Harrahs funding of Frist's campaign fits this mould nicely :thumbsup:

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