about a games site ?


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Oct 4, 2003

I am new and french
so scuse my english

I know that casinomeister is about casinos on line

so scuse me if i made an error in posting my question

I would like speak about a games site like crazyplay that offer cash for free games.

I dont know where I can report this activity
that seems me not like it said on the site or its me who dont understand something

just for infos: i played in the section "free games" and a $25 prize is offer for playing at severals free game(i played at Collapse)

only the 20top scores are entered in a drawing to wiN this $25

I made untill now the best scores (I made a screeshoot) but my scores dont appear in the "hight scores"

i tried to read the official rules : "no pucharses or fees required" i did not see rules about this specific "free games"

i wrote at the site but no response, and other scores are in the top list, but not mine

so i think that "higt scores" are not real and i have a doubt about these players

it is not like if I lost money,I know that there are others casinos prob more important
but one of my big default is to dont like
false infos and promizes-

if you can , someone, or casinomeister have a look there it is prizecom.com

or tell me where I can report it

idont know if it is nececcary,I add my
screenshot about my yesterday games
to compare with their higth scores -

thanks very muchAttach Removed (Old not found)