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Nov 1, 2007
On the Mountain
Please do not consider this a sour grape or disgruntled former employee flame but.... Over the next few days, if you have not already been, you may be approached to join Pimp Your Poker/Big Daddys Casino and Pokerroom as a player and or as an affiliate. Please approach with eyes wide open and with extreme caution.

I say this as the ownership of the mentioned brands was under contract with my affiliate network and I was the affiliate manager for BigDaddys Casino and poker. The contract was effective August 1, 2008 and of this posting I have not received any payment from them. It has been one excuse after another. I know deep inside I will never see a lick of payment due.*

If the ownership is unable to pay a contracted affiliate manager how can we expect the players and affiliates to be paid?

The Poker Site that is being used for the games is also on the IGS (aka FutureBet) network and I can say that cashouts to US players, even with ewalletXpress is halted at the time of this posting, this comes directly from the network administration and not a rumour. BigDaddys make the claim that it is Merge Poker network site but in fact it is sub-leased to the licensees from iGamingSoftware in Vancouver, not Merge in Australia and the processors are not Merge Gaming but use "ClickCashier". I apologize to all the affiliates that agreed to promote the brand while I was involved with them.

The choice is all yours, and you could earn a ton of commission, but then again..............

Again, just a word of caution before you work yourself to the end for nothing.

(*I will re-post if payment is received and will retract that portion of the post.)
Anything having to do with Futurebet is a complete scam. Sorry you got caught up in it. I know a few of the Futurebet sites ended up on Merge (Oddsmaker.com for one) after they scammed Dobrosoft and friends. Do you have a list of them?
I have not yet compiled a list but the one true way to tell is when you sgo to sign up you see MMS.thecasinoname other sites that I can confirm at this time would be Doms Casino (+poker and casino), Rio Party, Amco Casino (and poker). I attempted to call IGS aks Futurebet (same dang ppl) several times and all I get is voicemail, so it goes without saying that they "have done it again". Looks like they all go in my personal rougue pit. The scammers from Vancouver have done it to players and franchisees one more time.

If it is IGS or Goldchip you will NEVER again see them posted in a positive light on any of my website.

Can I get some votes for them to be cast into the pit????
Received this yesterday.

Dear Affiliate,

Before reading the following, I first seek your permission to contact you.

May I take this opportunity to introduce you to Pimp-Your-Poker and offer you the chance to become part of what we believe will be something of an online poker phenomenon?

Get paid to give away $20,000 a month in Free Rolls!

Sounds like a dream doesn't it?

Well we can tell you it isn't!

Welcome to the world of Pimp-Your-poker!

You have the opportunity to truly be part of the online Poker Revolution - and make a small fortune while doing so.

Pimped out Marketing

As a Pimp-Your-Poker affiliate you will have access to the most stunning marketing materials available on the net today.

This combined with the GREATEST deal available on the internet for Online Poker ensures success for virtually any Pimp-Your-Poker.com campaign!

Revenue Share

Our revenue share is competitive. Our subscriptions are so HIGH because our fees are so low. Our strength lies in numbers. Conversion rates the likes of which you have never experienced before!


Also when you register, here is my I.D number you need to place in the space provided.


Looking forward to working with you

If you have any questions, pleases don't hesitate to contact me anytime

Best regards


The Affiliate management Team PYP
Keith Williamson
PYP Affiliate Manager
Nice post Baechips. I've used your links many times and got ripped off again and again. It's been over a year since I tried to withdraw my money from PokerEon. I have a complaint here over Jon Woods Gaming. Yet, another site you recommend. That recommendation costs me over $150.00. Neither PokerEon or Jon Woods will answer my emails. Jon Woods will not return this forum emails either.

You banned me from your forums for quoting SBR concerning two of your links. One to CasinoSpot and the other to Vegas24. You were really pushing those two rogue sites. So I guess it's okay for the members of your forums to get ripped off following your recommendations by making deposits but you don't seem to like it when those rogue sites turn on you.

I know of no one who has promoted Futurebet and Igaming sites as much as you've done. What goes around has finally came around and I'm glad you got screwed.

Beware of following this poster's recommendations when it comes to downloading software and making deposits. I'm sorry I ever did.

I will retract this post if Baechips refunds the money I lost from following his recommendations to make deposits at IGS & Futurebet sites.
Interestingly enough, their last post on here before this one was in 2007....over the same issue with jolub.


As I said in the original post here, once payment is received I will retract that portion of my posting. I was not reading all the posts in the thread when I posted that payment was received. I believe we covered Mr Jolubs issue last year. Please view the thread that was referenced to in what action had taken place in that issue. I really don't beleive we need another opening of a long ago discussed issue.

Thank you for your time.
Interestingly enough, their last post on here before this one was in 2007....over the same issue with jolub.


I think this proves that OP deserves no sympathy. His post in that other thread shows he either doesn't care about promoting obvious rogues or knows little if anything about the industry. Considering that other issue was a year ago, more than a year after Futurebet stole millions from Ongame players and about the same time Dobrosoft got screwed by them it is hard to think that OP didn't know these guys were rogues. They have stolen millions just from poker players. I can't imagine what else they have stolen from their sports and casino players.

FWIW every Futurebet site is rogued here and gets an F at SBR with the exception of Oddsmaker.com getting a D-.

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