Question 32Red iPhone App and Mobile Platform


Dormant account
May 1, 2014
I was wondering how many of you use 32 Red's app for iPhone or the mobile website in the safari browser?

I used it last night, downloaded fine, opened fine, let me deposit and then went downhill fast from there. :mad: I'm not exaggerating when i say I must of been disconnected or server error messaged 100 times and I was only playing with £25, each error requiring a new sign in. It then got worse and just wouldn't open any games and just said server error or you have been disconnected or id invalid, etc. It really was infuriating and what was meant to be a few quick spins before bed turned into what felt like an eternity of torment and 95% loading screens to be met with an error maybe 9/10 times. :(

I just mentioned it to chat and all she could offer was the " clear your cache and cookies " line :what: Im on an app my dear, Iv re installed it several times, switched phone on and off,etc to be told maybe play on your desktop when that happens! I don't carry my mac with me like my phone lol kind of defeats the point of mobile gaming if I have to do that!

Anyway rant over and app deleted, maybe I should of read the reviews on apples store first there not exactly glowing lol