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Jul 6, 2005
I tried 32red casino and poker rooms this weekend. Just an FYI: they are separate banks. I deposited $100 in the poker room and they have a sample of casino games. These are not the 32red casino games, nor will they count towards any casino WR bonus credit.

That being said, I then downloaded the casino. You use the same ID and ID#, but you need to make a separate deposit and you cannot transfer money between them. Ok, still no big deal, but good to know.

I play Blackjack and video poker. I live by two black jack betting strategies. (1) Bet a base; say $5 and $8 after every win. I do this until I am up a nice amount then I will bet in increments after every win. for example: 3-3-5-7-10-15-20-25-...

ok well 32red has a $2 min bet. But it increases by 2's. So I must bet, say, 4-4-6-10- *** there can be no 15.

But say I hit a nice steak and i want to go from 20 to 25 - no can do, it goes to increments of 10.

Ok now I really hit a streaks and I win a 100, my next bet would be 125 - no can do.

Am I just missing something? If I am wrong, is this in any way wrong that I cannot bet an exact amount I wish?

(* and yes, I try to toggle the chips and still no luck, i.e. I have $100 bet with a $100 chip. I toggle to the $2 chips and try to bet $102, NOPE! *)
Just to help you out, here is my email correspondence so that you have an idea what I am talking about:

Email #1

From: Vinny
Sent: 26 February 2006 02:31
To: 32Red-CSR
Subject: free $100 "Casino Games" Welcome Bonus
I am writing to play at your casino. I have deposited my first $100. As per the offer from your web page, I am requesting a 100% match bonus in USD.
I would like to play blackjack. I see that your site offers Atlantic and European Black Jack. I would like to play European Blackjack. Does European Black count towards the bonus?
Thank you.

Response #1
Hi Vinny,
Unfortunately I am unable to credit you with this bonus as you have deposited your funds into your poker room account, although prima poker network offer a casino option this is not actually 32red.com casino room of which the promotion is valid for.

Should you require any further assistance please do not hesitate to contact us
Kind regards

Customer Relationship Builder
32Red Casino | 32Red Poker
Casinomeister Best Casino 2003, 2004 & 2005

My email #2
From: Vinny
Sent: 26 February 2006 02:49
To: 32Red-CSR
Subject: Re: free $100 "Casino Games" Welcome Bonus
Thank you for your quick response and I completely understand that I have sent to the poker room and not the 32Red casino. I have a question:

1) Can I download 32Red and play there, even though I have a poker account?
Response #2
Hi Vinny,
Yes you can download 32red casino by going to www.32red.com and downloading the casino, when you open a poker account with us this automatically opens you a casino account you can log onto the casino using your poker account number XX---------------XX and password.
However your poker funds will not be shown in your casino account and will therefore be required to deposit once more then contact us should you wish to claim the welcome bonus.
If you should require any further assistance please do not hesitate to contact us
Kind regards

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32Red Casino | 32Red Poker
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Many of the casinos have third party poker suppliers, although they can brand the poker offerings as their own. This often leads to such confusion, especially as the convenience of a single account number for both is offered.
32Red poker is run from Prima Poker, and I don't believe the casino games in the poker room count for WR of any poker bonus.
A separate $100 deposit to the 32Red casino should qualify for the casino bonus, you should check if your deposit is eligible for any bonus in the poker room, but the WR there takes the form of a number of raked hands/ rake value to be played before withdrawal is allowed. 32Red are not responsible for the decisions made by Prima Poker on the poker accounts, although they may be able to influence them. Some players have remarked that Prima Poker is not up to 32Red CS standards.
I expect the reason for outsourcing to 3rd party poker suppliers is simply to ensure a large player base is available from which to choose your opponents, which should lead to many opportunities to play which might not be the case if each casino ran it's own poker room separately.
path said:
$2 up to wagers of $20
After $20 wager size increases in $10 chunks.
After $100 wager size increases in $20 chunks
After $200 wager size increases in $50 chunks up to the maximum $500.

So a bet of $105 can't be placed, it is either a $100 or $120.

Here is information I have received, hope this gives you a heads up if you plan on playing on 32Red Casino.
path said:
The bet increments as explained in my previous note are only applicable to the Multihand Blackjack.

If you are looking for the flexibility of bet size, then the single deck versions such as European and Atlantic City Blackjack may appeal more to you.
In these games bet size increases by $2 (the minimum bet size), so you could have a bet for $22, $46, or $106 as examples.

That explains everything and makes perfect sense.
Just to clarify before the onslaught begins, I'm thinking that path was referring to single-hand versions of BJ like European and Atlantic City since he mentions multi-hand before that.

To the best of my recollection, 32Red doesn't offer a single-deck option of blackjack. I'd love it if they did because of the obviously low house advantage, but I'm not holding my breath. ;) :thumbsup:


32Red doesn't offer a single-deck option of blackjack...

They do offer single-deck blackjack on the "Flash Version" my good man. I used to play it quite regularly. I'd have to think, that for all the MG BJ games, that THAT one would have to rank as the best (still, not that I did happened to do well on that game, overall... I'm cursed over at MG casinos).


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path said:
In these games bet size increases by $2 (the minimum bet size), so you could have a bet for $22, $46, or $106 as examples.
As long as it's above the minimum the bet size can be increased by $1, you can add a 5 and take off 4 (2*2).
I know that's pedantic, but I often do this because I hate having the 0.5 in my account, and wait until I get a Blackjack then play with even numbers again ;-)

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