21Nova - Useless everything


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Dec 27, 2007
Sooo I was looking for somwehere to play and although bad things had been said about the casino they are run by williamhill so above anything I knew I will be paid.

Obviously since I played I read of a lot of issues with them from not closing a problem gamblers account to being associated with "roulette system" websites.

Ended up playing and won about £70. Cashed out. Terms said withdraw will pend for 4 working days (excessive).

A day or 2 and it was still reversible and pending, out of curiosity I got in touch with support to ask about flushing. The support were less help than a chocolate teapot full of steaming dog turd. They kept on saying they could reverse my withdraw to my account for me, I explained flushing about 7 times before they told me "no we wont do that, you have to make sure you dont reverse it".

Well another 2 days passed meaning its had over 4 days pending time. They should now of made it non reversible and be processing it. I logged in and it could still be reversed so again I got in touch with support. I explained the situation and told them by their rules and terms they had exceeded the 4 business days to process my withdraw. Support went quiet and then claimed the system rebooted (rubbish). I explained a few times because they repeated the same old rubbish. Then the guy again started explaining to me how I could reverse my withdraw, I gave it, closed the chat.

What really annoys me is my withdraw is to an E-wallet. Meaning it shouldnt take as long or be as problematic. A day after I requested my withdraw at 21nova I played at "the sun" on their slots. I won over £300. Cashed it out to my card and they have already processed it and its showing in my bank.

The essentials that a player needs are not even offered at this casino.

Support are clearly made up of a lot of people who dont understand english well (cheap foreign call centers), they cant keep to their own payout timeframe and whenever you get in touch with support they try and get you to reverse your withdraw.

I for one will be closing my account for good once I get paid


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Mar 4, 2007

I know it's not funny and I do feel for the poster but I just had a thought when I saw KK's link.

I couldn't help but chuckle thinking here you are trying to ring 21NOVA support and there is some random cleaner in the building that is empty and he hears the phone go off- He looks around the office place and see's its empty. Slowly walks over to the phone with a lost look on his face and picks up, puts it to his ear and goes "hello"

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