CM Announcement 1st Casinomeister Advent Tournament 2018


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Nov 24, 2017
Really behind today and only just managed to send pm! :D

Thanks once again to meisterMedia and casinomeister for the comp and prize, really enjoyed the 3 weeks of puzzling and searching for stuff (though on a couple occasions i almost tore my hair out. haha).

As for what I'm getting with it - not totally sure yet.. I had 2 items saved in an amazon shopping list - one was footware (sorry, not very exciting lol) , and the other more expensive item has now sold out and
gone back up to its original price :laugh: although im gonna wait as it should be returning back down again. (was a new graphics card - but im still pondering that as my interest in gaming fluctuates wildly and I
can go months not caring , then be interested in a handful of games - but its an expensive item just to be sat in your pc). That should cover about £240 of the voucher ($350 is about £277 at moment). So will
still be some left over!

Shall see what happens anyhow - im quite fickle, so one minute it could be one thing, and next minute another! :laugh: