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Apr 27, 2009
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YCM (Why Casinomeister?)

First in a series

Why Casinomeister?
Casinomeister is your all-in-one stop for everything... well...casino related.
Casinomeister runs from way back (20+ years). In fact, it's part of its familiar tag-line: Advocate of Fair Play Since 1998. And it's been going (and growing) strong ever since.

Let's highlight some of the reasons why CM is THE place to hang your coat.

The Stamp of Approval (the Accredited List)

The accredited list contains those casinos that have been thoroughly vetted by both the staff and the membership alike. This is a process called the Baptism By Fire.
Casinos must adhere and subscribe to some pretty high standards and philosophies to make the cut.
Being CM accredited means belonging to the cream of the crop and it lets players know they're in good hands with a reputable casino.
It also means you can find a go-to guy (or girl) should any issues arise.
These are the casino representatives whom you can reach out to about any questions or concerns you might come across,

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The Good, the Bad and sometimes, the Ugly (The Reviews)

Don't just take our word for it. You can check out the casino reviews.
These include a run-down of the casino's ins and outs such as relevant pros and cons, a rating, pertinent information like games selection, pay-out speed, licensing jurisdiction and much, more more.
You can also read member reviews so you have a pretty fair idea of what to expect before going in.


The Flip-Side (Grey-Zone, Not Recommended and Rogues)

We'd love to tell you every experience is all sunshine and rainbows but unfortunately this isn't always the case.
This is why it's alway important to do your homework.
Beyond the reviews, there's also untold threads showcasing and discussing player experiences which you can find in the forum by taking advantage of the handy-dandy search function* so you can always go in eyes wide open.

*top right on the home page and top-left of the forum

And, fingers crossed, should you have a less than stellar experience, you can reach out to the membership to ask any questions (they're a helpful and pretty savvy bunch), shout-out to the casino rep, or, should the need arise, submit a complaint.
Casinomeister has its own Player Arbitration service (colloquially known as a PAB).
You can learn more about the process here

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Stay In The Loop (i-gaming News)

Find all the latest news with what's happening in relation to the i-gaming world with current and important articles from all around the globe.
On top of these, within the forum, you can read up on all the ways to make your playing experience more enjoyable by understanding things like how slots operate, what RTP is, the pros and cons of bonuses, and all the various things that help flesh out your understanding of what it means to be a savvy player.

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Where People Meet (The Forum)

The forum is the go-to place to interact with like-minded people. People discuss their gaming experiences, share tips and tricks, and sometimes, simply chill and banter about.
You can utilize the forum to become a better player or simply shoot the breeze on various topics, from talking about your pets, world politics, swapping jokes and memes or simply building a rapport with some pretty amazing people.

Check the boards for new and popular threads or join a social group regarding an interest that rings a little closer to home.

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Hopefully you've gotten a brief glimpse into all the ways CM can help benefit you. And in turn, post, share and contribute so you can help others.

Over the next several pieces we'll explore some of the above in greater detail.
But as you now know a few of the basics, jump on in, get your feet wet and soon you'll be right as rain.
Until then, search around the site, ask your fellow members questions and read up on any number of pages and threads to get yourself started.

Good luck and happy spinning! :thumbsup:
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