Worst carribean stud jackpot ever!


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Oct 16, 2008
Canada New Brunswick
wow I just stumbled upon the worst carribean stud jackpot ever,it's at 24 thousand and the side bet is 1.20$ not 1$ but 1.20$ at 24thousand...seriously lol this was found in a playtech casino I will not mention but does anyone else think a 1.20$ sidebet for a 24k jackpot is whack? I know land casinos that offer a 20cent sidebet and the jackpots are rarely under 50k :(


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Jun 16, 2005
On a $1 sidebet, Caribbean Stud progressive jackpot requires a jackpot of just over 200,000 for that bet to be a break even proposition. At 24k, it's a pretty bad deal for the players, but it was probably won very recently and hasn't had a chance to build up again yet.

When I worked at a casino that had 12 tables, those tables were always full (at 10-25 minimum ante) when the jackpot was high. Right after a jackpot hit (which I saw many times), the whole pit would clear out because no one wanted to play for a 10,000 jackpot and the managers would lower the table minimums to 5 almost immediately :lolup: