Has LuckyClub Treated me Fairly?


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Sep 9, 2015
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I would appreciate the community’s opinion on this case. Here are the facts.

I joined the LuckyClub casino a month ago. I believe they are sister casinos to those accredited by Casinomeister and they are promoted by KasinoKing, so I was confident I would be dealing with an honorable organization.

LuckyClub offers attractive bonuses, but I was aware that they were tied to an “under $10” rule. Just to be sure, I checked about this on chat and learned that bets of exactly $10 were also disallowed. “9.99 or under,” the chat agent told me.

I should mention that LuckyClub uses a software suite I have never seen before, called NuWorks. Some of the games looked intriguing, and I decided to play one called Catsino, which has 88 lines of play. I decided to play 36 lines at 25c/line, for a total of $9 per spin, making sure I was well below the $10 threshold. I played Catsino a few times with no result.

Using these settings, I played a bonus on Feb. 24, depositing $80 and playing Catsino. I played for about ten minutes, with the usual little losses and wins, and then the most amazing thing happened. Four of the best symbol + a wild lined up a row! I won $12500 on a single spin!! The display said this was the maximum allowable win. And somehow I had won it! I was beside myself with elation. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I kept saying.

I spun for a while longer, but eventually I realized that I should check my playthrough. I should mention that on the NuWorks suite you have to leave the game you are playing to see your playthrough in the cashier. So I did that: went to the cashier and looked. Lots to go.

I returned to the game, but now I noticed that––mysteriously–– it had reset to play 88 lines instead of the 36 I had been playing when I won!

Of course 88 lines at 25c/line is $22/spin, more than LuckyClub bonus play allows. Why had this happened? I did not know, but I was very very relieved that I had noticed it! Whew, a close call! I immediately reset the number of lines back to 36. I spun a few more times but because the playthrough was so big and anything I won from here on out would be a huge anticlimax, I decided to use autoplay. This seemed like it would be a safe and fun way to play through. I decided on 25-game units. When one unit was over, I would just reclick the autoplay for 25 more. And that is what happened. I played through my first lot of 25 spins––and when it was finished, I clicked it again for another 25.

I looked away from the reel for a minute or so, doing other things, but when I checked back on it, I saw to my horror that it was spinning not at the 36 lines it had been before, but at 88 lines! Somehow it had reset again, and this time I had not noticed it. How had this happened??

I stopped the autoplay immediately, and decided to change slots, to one that had only 25 lines, where the max you can play per spin is $6.25. I was not going to let this reset trap get me again! I played for another hour and finally met the playthrough requirement. My total balance was $11882!

Now I had to get my docs approved. That took about a week. When that was all taken care of, I went to the cashier and put in a withdrawal request for $1500.

But within a day I received an email informing me that all of my winnings had been voided! I logged on and saw that my balance was now $80.

Yuck! I got on chat and tried to explain to the agent who answered what had happened. After a lot of coaxing, I got him to examine the record of my play. He told me that I had played exactly 22 spins at $22/spin among the thousand or so spins I had gone through, all the rest of which were either at $9 or $6.25. He also told me that 21 of those 22 prohibited spins had been losers, with my total loss for the 22 spins being $345!

The agent told me that if I wanted to discuss the voiding of my win I needed to send an email to support. I thanked him and did so, outlining the facts that I’ve just presented here.

I waited for five days, but got no answer. Yesterday I got on chat again and asked why I had not received an answer. The agent had no explanation for that but said he’d check. He did so and told me that the decision was final: I had broken the rule. Rules were rules, and if they were not enforced, there would be no law and order.

I would like to know what the community’s feelings are on LuckyClub’s actions (and also, of course, whether you have been stumbled into similar traps, especially on this software). To summarize:

(1) I made every effort to play every spin in this session for less than $10. Yet it seemed that the software insisted upon resetting the number of lines to the maximum. It happened when I checked my playthrough; I believe it also happened when I hit a feature; and it happened when I finished one autoplay and went to the next. Each of these resets surprised me, and I think it was the last one that finally caught me off guard. I NEVER had any intention of playing for any amount per spin other than $9, but it seemed I was fighting a battle with the game itself.

(2) The second I realized that the game was spinning with all the lines active, I stopped the autoplay, changed games, and played the remainder of my playthrough at $6.25/spin.

(3) According to the agent I chatted with, that was after 22 spins. This is a tiny percentage of the total spins I played that night, and they were entirely against my intention. To stress it again: I tried to only play for $9/spin: I never intended to play for more.

(4) Again, according to the agent, I lost a net of $345 on those 22 spins. So there were no ill-gotten gains that fattened up my balance on account of playing too high.

(5) Although this may seem too obvious to mention, I would like to mention it anyway: Once I had won the $12500 at $9/spin, I would have had to be a certifiably insane to decide to continue playing for $10/spin, $22/spin, or any amount greater than $9.99. There is no rational circumstance, unless you are simply self-destructive, to do that!

As you can all imagine, I am very distressed by this development and by LuckyClub’s response, but it is not easy for me to be objective. What do you think? Looking forward to hearing from others!
Yes they are an accredited casino.

You should first contact the Rep https://www.casinomeister.com/forums/members/jackpot-capital.16052/ by PM.

If you have no luck getting an answer from the Rep or wish to take the matter further then after giving Rep time to respond read the PAB terms at top of page then fill in a PAB and Max will check everything out for you.
wow that sucks,hope you can get it worked out.Have you tried to play it again and see if it resets,make a video and post here if you can
After further examination, it seems that the reset definitely happened after I checked my playthrough in the cashier (not due to autoplay or features). Each time you go the cashier, even though you leave the game open, it resets to the max lines when you come back to it. Apparently I caught it once but not the second time. I have made several videos but I cannot seem to make one short enough to post here (always says the file is too big). But I will be happy to send one to anyone interested, including the Jackpot-Capital rep.
Hi all, I think I have found a way for you to see the phenomenon that got me at LuckyClub. I could not post this vid here because it's too big so I am giving a Dropbox link to it. Hope it works.

Anyway, what you will see in the vid is a recreation of what happened to me after I had a big win playing 36 lines at 25c for a total of $9/spin. To check your playthrough with this software, you need to go to the cashier. I checked my playthrough a few times.

Starting from that 36-line setting on the game Catmandu. all I do in the video is go to the cashier (I am playing in fun mode for purposes of demonstration) and then close the cashier. The software now does not take me back to the lobby, but instead (conveniently) right back to my game. Except that now ALL OF THE LINES are active. So you'll see at the end of the vid that 88 lines, not the original 36 are being played. I spin the game and the 88 lines all play. Apparently, in one of the times that I checked my playthrough, I forgot to reset to 36 and thus played a few spins over the $10 limit until I realized it.

Here's the vid:
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I'm sorry this happened, I can't even imagine your pain and I hope you get it worked out in your favor! Hopefully they look at the big picture here and realize they could either gain a player and their $$$ for life or lose you totally.
Still have not heard from the Jackpot Capital representative ...
The rep hasnt been in since the 14th.
If after the weekend still no response, perhaps flag Bryan (Casinomeister) alerting him to the non-responsiveness. It may well be the rep is on holidays.
Hi, thanks very much for your advice and support. I did just send another note to the rep but I could not find the "read receipt" box to tick.. :[
God, I hope they sort this for you...I feel your pain right now and I wish you get it sorted in your favour, not often you get 5-figure wins...

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