winners playground loves you until you win


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Jan 15, 2002
winners playground offered me a free $50 for my birthday, and also gave me a $200 bonus with my $200 deposit. after meeting the wagering requirements, 25x my deposit plus bonus, i cashed in $763, they then banned me for being on a real time gaming "negative database". i have never broken any casinos rules anywhere, i guess if you win they don't like you, don't play at this casino or if you do do not win anything or they will ban you too, my username was jjman
i filed a complaint with rtg, i never heard back, does anybody have any other ideas how i can collect the $563? thanks
Did you try involving the gaming commission (shown on their home page). I finally did this when I won at Golden Palace and they would not pay me, but shortly after communicating with the commission, I was paid, don't really know it that was the reason, but the timing made it seem that way.

Hi BobbieP,

It was probably a coincidence. The Gaming Commission seems to be a rubber stamp of approval.

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