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Aug 17, 2001
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Bryan.. you don't even have an emoticon that would reflect just how p***ed off I am right now.
(I'm posting this at three different boards so apologies if you feel it is overkill....I just think this once again shows that every time you think that questionable marketing couldn't get any lower, lo and behold it does). Plus the fact that some personal information which should NOT be known by Windows casino seems to be in their hands).

Today 2-7-03, I received an email from Tony Friendman with the message....about your casino account. (Alarm bells go off)

Addressed to my given name.

Here's the text with some pertinent personal information deleted.


TO: xxxxx (my real name)
FROM: Tony Friedman(tony@

Dear xxxxx, (my real name)

You may remember that not so long ago you signed up at
Grand Banks Casino. Grand Banks Casino has changed
since then. I'd like to let you know that you can still
play all your old favorite games and enjoy the same high
(98.6%) payouts.

All you need to do is download Windows Casino's software.
You don't even need to sign up. Your old account is valid.

Username: xxxxxxxx
Pass : xxxxxxxx


We have a few surprises waiting for you when you come
to Windows Casino to play.

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Click on this link to learn more about Windows Casino (links deleted by me!!!!!}

If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us.

Sincerely yours,

Tony Friedman
Pit Boss
Windows Casino
PS: Windows Casino is E*Gaming Commission Certified and
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This email is followed shortly by an email from Grand Banks.

To: xxxxxxxx
Subj: Re: GrandBanksCasino/RealtimeGaming

Dear Player,

It has been brought to our attention that you may have received an uninvited, email solicitation from Windows Casino.

The Realtime Gaming player details used in the unauthorized email had not been in possession of Grand Banks Casino since its transition to Playtech in July of 2002. Realtime Gaming has informed Grand Banks of their concern that the information entrusted to their safekeeping may have been disseminated in this manner and they are actively investigating how the files were procured.

Grand Banks Casino together with Realtime Gaming would like to assure you that the email lists and the private and confidential personal account data that is disclosed in the solicitation mailer was not sold, exchanged or authorized. RealTime Gaming has also determined that neither credit card numbers nor any financial data were compromised. Grand Banks Casino holds all player data within its control in the strictest privacy in accordance with our published privacy statement.

Grand Banks Casino and Realtime Gaming share their concern regarding this questionable marketing practice and its impact on the valued players who have supported each of Grand Banks and RTG with confidence.

Should you have any questions regarding the confidentiality of your personal data, please contact Realtime Gaming ( with a copy sent to Grand Banks Casino (

Clarence Evans,
Casino Manager
Grand Banks Casino

Never played at Windows Casino, not even for fun.
Have played at Grand Banks when it was RTG
Used my real name in email from Windows.
The email from Windows contained my correct user id and password from Grand Banks.

I am NOT a happy camper. Does RTG ever expect to get any credibility back when this kind of **** happens?

edited to remove the links...

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I'm going to suggest that you check out the affilate since that person's ID was in your email as the link.
Tony Freidman is an idiot and will go to any extreme to make a buck. This is some serious shit that I'll be dealing with first thing on Monday.

The folks at Real Time Gaming need to take immediate action against this manager of Windows Casino. Tony Friedman is allowed to do anything he pleases. He is the one who started the Online Casino Managers Association which claimed to share CC info with third patries. He is one of the fools behind Egamingcommission which is a fake casino watchdog site. Just do a search in this forum and you'll come up with a lost of crap on this individual.

The wicked never rest in this industry.
Thank you for protecting other gamblers by warning everyone about this astonishing breach of player privacy, Dalzilla. This is surely a new low in the record of both RTG and Windows.

Presumably when Grand Banks switched to Playtech software last year RTG still had custody of its client information including user name, password and God knows what other sensitive information.

The 64 000 dollar question now is how the hell did Windows get their hands on this very private stuff? Do they have authorised access to RTG's "secure and confidential" information? If not how did they obtain this stuff?

I think RTG has a lot of questions to answer here, and I think if anything underhand is involved by their master licensee Windows they need to take some strong action.

They will also need to do some damage control - other licensees and their players will be reading about this incident with deep disquiet.

We have asked for press comment from RTG, Grand Banks and Windows. It will be interesting to see who replies and what they have to say.
Per Bleuze's suggestion, I did go back and check out the affiliate link I had deleted. Went directly to Windows Casino.

I do remember the OCMA fiasco....and I do remember that I decided right then and there that I would never play at any place that was a member.
Windows is the first to respond to our press query on this. RTG has been mute.

One Mark Friedman at Windows says that they are carrying out an investigation into how this came about and that they will be issuing a press release in the near future. We expect to get a copy of that in due course.
Yeah, I can't wait to see that!

I'm willing to bet that they will claim that
Windows Casino is not at fault. :rofl:

Windows Casino.... :mg:

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