William Hill tournaments


Ex-Bonus Whore
Sep 3, 2003
I played recently in one of the 5 card stud poker tournaments at william hill and i cant say that am impressed.A guy was quite obviously on purpose delaying the whole game for us.At some point the table went empty and he was the only one who stayed there.Why can't we play a tournament in a private table and we have to endure all the muppets or others who need 1 min to decide on wether to fold or not.When you have 30min every single minute counts.I wonder how can someone achieve a 50k+ score with 2k starting point and without getting a royal or straight flush :confused:.
You have to play at some antisocial time when nobody else is around. Littlewoods' BJ tournament is at a multi-hand single player table.
Any idea whats the chances on taking a 3000 balance to 50+ within 20 minutes without hitting da royal? :eek2:

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