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Apr 27, 2009
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Why Participate?

third in a series

Today we'll discuss some of the ways to, and reasons for, participating in Casinomeister and how it can benefit you as a player and member, along with how it can benefit others.

Receiving Help

There are many ways you can receive help when it comes to concerns or queries regarding the many assorted casino properties out there such as emailing support or reaching out to live chat.
But Casinomeister also has access to some of the most devoted, diligent, knowlegeable and personable casino representatives to be found anywhere.

One way is to pm a duly-designated casino rep through their member profile. You can do this by visiting their profile page, the i-gaming rep list or by hovering over their forum name and clicking 'send private message'.
If you don't know who the representative is for any given property, you can check the review page associated with the casino in question.

Alongside this, you can visit one of their casino-dedicated or related threads and posting your query, or, in a crunch, begin your own thread if you can't find any currently running threads.

When in doubt, use the handy search function, found top right on the home page, or top left of the forum.


Once you've found (or started) a relevant thread you can also ask your fellow members any questions you might have.

Lending Experience

Just as you are able to find answers to your questions posted by fellow members, you in turn can also answer others. You can also share your own experiences. A well rounded world view, pros and cons alike, not only clues in everyone to the various ins and outs of any given site, these insights factor into the reviews and ratings for a truly balanced perspective.

Levelling Up

The more you participate, the higher your membership level and the more your forum permissions increase. You may also be considered for special groups such as MMs (Meister Minions) and CAGs (the Casino Advisory Group). These groups may be tapped for special projects due to their breadth of knowledge and experience and have the ability to have their voices heard in major industry affairs such as the annual Casinomeister Awards where you can cast your vote for Casino of the Year.

Having your name in certain colours (designating membership level) can also lend weight and credence to your posts.

Sharing the Love (and not-so-lovely)

You can post screenshots of your wins in any number of dedicated screenshot threads whislt seeing where others are winning and on which slots.
Your own fantastic win could even be selected as Screenshot of the Year.

There's even somewhere to showcase your oh-so-close hits.

Exclusive Contests and Promotions

Being a CM member means access to some pretty amazing contests and promotions that can't be found anyhere else.
Some however, have a minimum post count or level requirement so, as with any contest or promotion, always be sure to check the criteria.

Where Like-Minded People Meet

CM isn't just about the casinos. It's also very much about the members. Many consider CM to be not only a community but a family away from home.
You can interact with some pretty amazing people in any number of threads on any number of topics. People swap jokes and memes, discuss and share photos of their pets, debate world politics or simply shoot the breeze about their day, upcoming, new and classic tv shows and films, and other areas of pop-culture.

If you're looking for a rather more specific group of people with a select shared interest, look to the the social groups with its more focused and readily-found section.

As well, once you've made a friend or two, or are perhaps looking to make new ones, you may be up for the annual Meister Meet. Forum members and industry professionals alike gather together for an evening of music, food and drinks.

Hopefully you've gotten a glimpse into some of the many reasons why you should be actively participating here at Casinomeister.

So, what are you waiting for?
Get to posting and see you in the forum. :thumbsup:


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