What's your favourite beer?


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I'm sure we have a couple of beer drinkers in here.
So i was wondering what is your brand of beer.

I love my ales and rarely ever drink the lagers on tap at the bars/pubs etc.
I call these lagers MEGASWILL!

My personal favourite is Coopers Sparkling Ale followed by their Coopers Pale Ale.
Also taken a loving of Feral Brewings Hop Hog IPA and Karma Citra Black IPA

And who brews their own?

I brew up a lot of IPA's and Wheat beers and today just bottled up a batch of Chimay Blu Belgium Ale (bloody strong at about 9% alc).

Near where i live is a great bottle shop with over 1000 different beers so i regularly try a great range of beers from all over the world
Now i'd love to hear what some of you like!



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Favourite beer


Sparkling Ale's my favourite!

I also enjoy the slightly stronger kick that comes with it ;)

Drinking one right now as I type as today is custom made for ultimate beer drinking enjoyment :D

The temperature here in Adelaide today is 40*C and my beer is icy cold and I've spent most of the day playing poker......

.......WHAT AN AWESOME DAY!!!!!!!!!!!! WHOO HOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!



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I'm on my 3rd largie of Sparkling Ale now
And got 4 Karma Citras left from last night and lots of Homebrew IPA's in the fridge too!

Glad i'm not in Adelaide today. hehe
40C. Used to live in SA but don't miss the heat.
Was only bout 30C tops here in Newcastle today!


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Karma citra has a nice branding/logo :) I would like to taste it.

I mostly drink heineken in cans... I don't know why but I think it tastes better than in a glass bottle.



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Any if someone else is paying


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In a dive/limited drinks available I'll go with guiness(Never a bad pint)
. But if the place has a good selection available I like it strong and be able to taste the hops and barley mmm!:p

Recently cane across a drink from aldi called 7 giraffes get trying it folks.


anything blonde, strong and bitter, description of the most german beers imported in hypermarkets.
and Terapia(therapy) a local unfiltered beer, Platinum type bitter and tasteful.
i'm gonna buy one now coz of this thread ye ;)


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We have a great local beer brewed near where I live in the city of Mainz called Eisgrub Bräu.
It's a March beer, tastes a little bit like Kölsch but not as mild.