what is titan poker doing


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Oct 30, 2008
hello to fellow members
i have just got one quick message to anyone who is considering getting a free bankroll to try out some of the poker rooms
bankrollmob.com is great they pay within 3 days
yourpokercash.com is fairly good too they pay within 4 to 5 days
dolcepoker.com is not good atall i have never heard of anyone receiving there bonus all they get is a pile of marketing calls and junkmail from various casino sites
the thing that gets me is i requested this bonus close to a month ago and after not receiving a single reply from dolcepoker.com i contacted titan poker who assured me the dolcepoker is reliable and will pay this bonus but just the other day they said dolcepoker pays the bonus to members 1 day every 3 weeks and its like a raffle if your name dont get pulled out of the hat you have to wait another 3 weeks my 3 weeks was up and titan said oh you must have not been sucessful this time please allow another 3 weeks to recieve the bonus

but if you look at there site dolcepoker.com they ask there for anyone who recieved there bonus please leave feedback here for us i clicked show feedback from the last 12 months and not one person has left any kind of feedback and i know of 3 other people why registered here and still not had anything

but if you ask titan poker they say yet thousands of people are receiving this bonus from dolcepoker

if there is thousands then why has not even 1 of these many thousands left any kind of feedback when its clearly states there please leave feedback here after you get the bonus

typical scam to trick people into registering here and hope they decide to make a deposit of there own after waiting 3 weeks for nothing

the last time anyone has left anykind of feedback on this site was Fri Oct 05, 2007 7:36 pm
and titan is there telling me this is a very reliable website who pays many people free bankrolls
hahahaha thats just too funny

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