What does "play in a professional sense" actually mean?


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The following is word for word in a casino's terms and conditions. I get the playing with others bit but: what exactly does played in a professional sense really mean?

...reserves the right to cancel your account ....
If you have not played on an individual basis for personal entertainment only, (that is, you have played in a professional sense or in concert with other player(s) as part of a club, group, etc;

Thanks if anyone can contribute.


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Hiya: It means that if you are Winning more than losing, and doing it over a period of several months, or even years, they can bann you. If you take bonus offers, and meet play through, and then keep playing, and depositing, and then withdraw winnings, then citing, 'Bonus Abuse" would be unacceptable.


If you are playing, and winning, and withdrawing, and when you lose, you deposit again, and the cycle repeats over an over, they have a proabelm. All casino's want you to Win. Then they want you to play more, and give back what you won, "pay back the loan", and now to lose some of your deposit, "pay the interest".

But, after a long while, if you are so far ahead, that the Casino deems, "unless they just go crazy, and start making max bets, all the time, and lose, and repeat the max bet cycle a dozen times, we will not be getting our money back anytime soon", they need a way, "Terms & Conditions" wise, to ask you to leave, and the rule of, "You were playing for profit, and not entertainment" is that way. However, this rarely ever happens, and you would have had to made a consistant profit over months/years in order to make it happen. If it does, you just go on to the next casino.

You are not going to get asked to leave just because you get a bunch of $1500-$2000 checks in the mail from a casino.


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Stacey lee I'm pretty sure if you ever get accused of playing in a professional sense with your game of choice (roulette) and winnings witheld Brian would have a field day with it.

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