Warren Cloud AKA Crystal Palace Group Using Nudity To Get Business


Banned User
Dec 11, 2003
Bryan, This is just too funny, lmao. Anyway, I read about your members problems with the Crystal Palace Casino Group this morning in my email and your problems with Warren Cloud. Thankfully, I haven't played in his casinos and only play in recommended casinos in your "Reputable" section. Anyway, I was reading my US Playboy February 2004 issue tonite with a cold one in my other hand (and, yes, I just read it for the articles, lol, and not for Jaime Pressley nude in the current issue.) On page 69 of the Year in Sex section was a picture of a topless blonde, with little Red, White and Blue Stars covering her nipples, with the words Golden Palace. Com ( part of his casino group) in big black letters above her breasts! The Caption after the picture read "Tiger Who? Stealing golf fans attention at the U.S. Open, an internet gambling site puts its money where our mouths wants to be." Needless to say, I dropped my brew. If only Playboy knew they plugged this a--hole. This is crazy; this man is so desparate to get business, what is next, Osama Bin Laden in a thong or Pam Anderson streaking at the Superbowl with the casino's name emblazzened on her chest? Look we all know sex sells. This guy should keep it up. I would love to see the US Justice Department or the FCC take on his mangy, sick a__ for publc lewdness. I don't blame you for washing your hands of his sham operation completely. He is nothing but a sleaze bag who uses sex to sell ( the lowest form of advertising), since according to members in "pitch a bitch" he rarely pays winnings. Anyway. I can scan you the caption if you want. This just goes to prove you are the best and real deal. Any company that is desperate enough to do shpck value advertising tactics to get business and doesn't pay their customers won't last. Hats off to you my friend.