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Jan 13, 2006
anyone considering opening an account with Click2pay needs to read the posts ONLINE CASINO THREAD "CLICK2PAY LOCKING ACCOUNTS"

Click2pay is really screwed up. I'll be lucky to get my money out of their. There is 700.00 in my account


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Feb 22, 2001

No evidence of crisis planning in aftermath of the Neteller pull-out

The confusion commenced when Neteller abruptly cut-off US gamblers from using its third party payment processing facilities following the arrests in the United States by the FBI of two of its founders and ex-directors.

Online players are sceptical of the companys subsequent claim that it was merely putting in place an exit strategy planned since last November in the backwash of the passage of the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act. The point has become largely overshadowed by the frustration being experienced by US players still determined to gamble online, but struggling to find alternative payment options.

Little evidence of crisis planning was evident this week as third party payment companies ran away from the US market in a domino-like effect. Others seemed to have trouble making their minds up, changing policies in a sequence of rapid moves that made it almost impossible to keep track of who was prepared to run with the lucrative US businessand who wasnt.

Other companies seemed ill-prepared for the rush of US online players seeking to sign up with alternative providers. Players reported badly briefed support centres, unclear or inefficient sign-up procedures, uncertain and rapidly changing policies and poor communications and administration responses as willing companies were swamped.

It was, as one player wryly remarked, a helluva way to conduct a business!

As we went to press it looked as if Click2Pay the favoured first option for many US refugees has changed its stance and joined the ranks of processors who will not accept US business, but this has still to be confirmed. According to overheated message boards, the company in any case seemed to be experiencing serious efficiency problems.

And Moneybookers, which had originally been on some lists as a possibility, was definitely confirmed as being unwilling to accept US players.

Predictably, the quick and in many cases the deadly were fast to take advantage of the situation by offering alternatives

One of these was hyped as Tadserve- The Innovative Credit Card Deposit Transfer System

It appears to offer a modern day Voice Over Protocol Phone twist to the old phone card to disguise a gambling transaction scam which has seen many retailers land in hot water around the world.

Players need to be acutely aware that in the present climate there will be other such risky methods offered, and great caution is needed.

For professional, honest, efficient and welcoming companies there is a massive business potential waiting to be harvested in the present situation. Unfortunately there is a dearth of such outfits it would appear.

Thousands of ordinary, decent US players who demand their right to gamble online despite the crazy legal-political situation in the United States are being frustrated by the difficulties of finding a decent and efficient corporate to handle their business.


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Oct 4, 2006
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What I still don't understand is what prompted this exodus. I mean UIGEA was passed in October 2006. Now January 2007 the masses are bailing on US players.

I understood the first bunch that rolled up the red carpet in October they were simply reacting. Foolishly in my opinion since they could have held on a few more months like the others. Their stockholders would have been grateful to be sure.

Not being an insider I don't have the full story I am sure. It just seems to me something big has happened not just the arrests of the Neteller people.

US players spend billions on internet gaming. Why are these processors and casinos so willing to give up this revenue?


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