Villento - Rich Reels - Casino Share


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Aug 24, 2010
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While the idea of U.S. based customers being able to play
Microgaming software at Villento, Rich Reels & CasinoShare
is tremendous... The cons outweigh me wanting to play
there any longer.

The biggest reasons IMO are the lack of tournaments, the lack of
the newest slot games like LOTR and worse, the lack of

If I lost my deposit and wanted to play at a tournament there,
I'm for the most part shit out of luck.

Every casino with jackpots makes you feel good... Like buying a
huge jackpot lottery ticket and fantasizing about hitting it.
No jackpots here...

Furthermore, the U.S. version of MG has some of the most
fierce, volatile slots I have ever experienced in any MG casino.

Another issue I have is that the minimum you can withdraw is $100. :rolleyes:

I'm pretty much done with the online casinos listed above.

Now for the good news. I deposited $20 at English Harbour and
within 15 minutes managed to cash out $300.

Vegas Technology has some of the easiest slots to win at. With
a $1.25 bet, you can win some huge $$$. My personal favorite slot
is The Prize Is Right game. No Bob Barker or Drew Carey :) but
it has 3 different types of bonus rounds and free spins.


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Feb 17, 2010
napa, ca
I have been playing at the 3 above mentioned casinos...I find Villento to be the tightest..I have had some payouts from Casinshare and Rich Reels...Rich Reels and Villento do have a minimum withdrawl of 100.00, however Casinoshare has a minimum of $50.00...

I also wish we were able to play on the real mg sites...I would love to be able to play the new games and the progressives...However, I am thankful that at least we get a mini version...:rolleyes: