Villento casino : strange Attitude ?


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Sep 13, 2006
Just to know if someone can say if this is normal from online casino like Villento. I have deposited there small deposit and played Hitman (flash version) slot then by chance I went up very quick and In continued to play. At the end I lost all.It was no problem for me.

The next day, I entered the casino then suddenly, The Hitman disappeared from the flash version then I asked the Chat what happened, they said we don't know. After hours, I received an email saying to me according to my question in the chat, the Hitman slot is back in flash version and it was technical problems with it !!!

This let me understand if I am not wrong that when the casino checked my play and winning on Hitman, they took it after and I dont know really what they did. I have deposited again then nothing coming out from this slot (maybe technical problems !!!).

In my view if there were technical problems then they have to give me back my wining which I lost.Can anybody say something about that. With many thanks.


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Oct 14, 2004
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All that can be expected is a voiding of the play if there were technical problems, as both the wins and the losses may have been the result of the same issue. If the losses were to be voided, then so would the winnings.

Hitman is quite a high variance slot, and big wins happen from the assassination bonus, and a couple of good ones can result in a big win, however, this means that if there is a spell with none of these bonuses, the slot will suck the winnings back at a far greater rate of return than the 95%.

It may have been better to leave the slot when it started sucking back, perhaps withdrawing much of the winnings, and then trying a different game.

I very much doubt these technical problems were to do with the slot not giving correct results, but more to do with Flash not being the best platform to support these functionally complicated and graphics rich offerings from MG.

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