Vegas Towers part of Fortune Lounge?


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May 30, 2004
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Fortune Lounge recently answered a question on these boards regarding Vegas Towers, so that makes sense. And Vegas Towers is MG-powered, like the rest of Fortune Lounge.

HOWEVER...interesting to note that Vegas Towers was not part of the Fortune Lounge casino grouping that pooled their loyalty points. So that leaves a small uncertainty.


Vegas Towers if offering a sticky bonus. If it IS part of FL, then perhaps FL may be changing its WR policy (with its appalling 20% restriction on BJ play) to a sticky bonus. Just an idle thought....
They are part of Fortune Affiliates
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Sorry about little off-topic text, but i found this:

Cool Casinos: Thunderluck & Sports Interaction Ltd
June 18, 2004
Thunderluck stands alone

Last week we reported the arrival of, a Microgaming-powered online casino that the grapevine indicated was part of the Fortune Lounge group. Not so, it appears because we are reliably informed that although Thunderluck is using the same outsourced back office operations, it has a separate ownership and is marketed as a stand alone operation. We have not yet been able to establish the ownership company.

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anyone heard about this thunderst... thunderluck casino? ;)
Fortune Lounge group bonuses

I find the most obnoxious thing about FL bonuses (I play at 7 Sultans) is that you have to play your deposit through once before you qualify for the bonus, which means, of course, that it is not ten times through for cashout, but eleven. They would be a little more honest if they put it that way.

I rarely take bonuses, and this kind of stuff is part of the reason.
But the flipside on that is if you hit something good while doing the once thru, you can cash out and still receive the bonus. So you kinda have your cake and eat it too with this method. Just play the once thru requirement as a no bonus deposit and then be pleasantly surprised later when you get a bonus.

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