Online casino playing in the Republic of Ireland (should I emigrate from UK?)


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Oct 18, 2015
Due to UKGC online casino regulations becoming harsher and their casino tax levies getting higher and higher, more and more online casinos are leaving the UK. Those that remain are now forced into asking their customers very intrusive questions relating to source of wealth etc.

I am fed up with this and am now seriously considering leaving the UK and moving abroad, preferably to the Republic of Ireland due to logistics such as a common language. Some people might consider this a bit extreme, but online gambling forms a key part of my leisure activities and I abhor having my options restricted more and more.

Has anyone else considered doing something similar to the above or perhaps even gone ahead and moved abroad?

In particular, can anyone tell me what online gambling with casinos is like in the Republic of Ireland? Will I be able to gamble with casinos from jurisdictions such as Malta and Alderney? And are the bonuses/promotions decent?

Finally, I would be unable to gain Irish citizenship but would merely be resident in Ireland. Would this present any problems when it comes to casinos asking for proof of ID etc.?

Any advice greatly appreciated!


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Sep 1, 2018
United Kingdom
there's a flaw in yer plan when it comes to the republic its like monkey see monkey do i.e (they will probably set their own commission up soon if they haven't already done so) and it will be closely based on the UKs operation.

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