Vegas /B&M vs online


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Dec 5, 2016
Ok, I have spent a lot of time recently watching YouTube videos of streamers online and compilations of b&m slots in the USA of people like the Big Jackpot , Big Payback etc ..,,

Now I know people in the good old US of A are an exiteable bunch , and anyone with ‘Big’ in front of their name must be posting massive wins ........

But , the top wins by ‘The Big Payback’ in 2018 in a real casino on slots we’re averaging around 200 to 300x , and all you can hear is ‘wow... jackpot ‘ ....

Wtf ? Is 300x actually a big win where they come from ?

Betting 30$ a spin like the Big Payback / Big Jackpot people do , how do they get exited when $2000 rolls in, they are like “ wooooo. ... jackpot hand pay “ over a 70x win even.

So question is , are these wins actually big for casino slots in Vegas etc ?

Why don’t these guys play the same stakes online and go for 2000x which seems easier / more common to hit online ?

Are the casino slots lower volatility in general ?


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Mar 25, 2017
Ontario, Canada
People who live in the USA are very restricted when it comes to online slots since only a few states have "regulated" online slots. RTG is one such provider that is unregulated. In order to play other providers, they need to use Bitcoin and play on Bitcoin casinos. I know a few streamers who do this. Land based slots have a lower RTP, but some can hit for a few thousand x your win, but it depends on the slot. Since IMO it is harder to get good wins, I guess this is why these low x your win would be considered a "jackpot".