Unibet claim they don't receive my attachments - HELP


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Nov 9, 2007
Hello everyone,

I registered at Unibet.co.uk, did pretty well and ended up with 900 GBP. Requested a withdrawal, was asked to send over Id, utility and credit card.
Now the strange part: I sent 3 faxes, about 5 emails from my mailbox, they said no attachments received. Ok, I registered 4 email at different places like: hushmail.com, hotmail.co.uk, safe-mail.net and finally one more account at yahoo.com. Nope, no attachment received =) I even tryed to upload my documents using yousendit.com website and send them a link. Of course, weblink wasn't working.

Need your help


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Oct 14, 2004
United Kingdom
Send the E-mails with attachements again, but also send yourself a copy to a different E-mail address, such as the yahoo one. If you receive the attachments on your copy, then the fault lies with Unibet. If you don't receive them, then you may be doing something wrong with your E-mail software.
This problem is fairly common, and is usually due to the casino not allowing attachments through their firewalls and filters, yet requesting players send them.
If the link to "yousendit" works from a copy E-mail at your end, this again indicates a problem at their end, most likely their browser settings and/or firewall.

You could always use recorded delivery post, assuming they really DO have an office in the UK, as indicated by their using the ".uk" domain. This will, unfortunately, lead to a significant delay in getting your 900, but if you can then prove it was their fault after all, you could ask for a compensation bonus (and win another 900:D )

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