U.S. faces seven compensation claims


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Aug 16, 2006
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I guess the U.S. is up against it now... Canada and Australia have joined. Glad to see some heavy hitters have joined the EU. I'm also glad that Japan decided not to try it.

U.S. faces seven compensation claims in WTO online gambling case
By Vin Narayanan
25 June 2007

Casino City has confirmed that seven compensation claims have been filed against the U.S. in its ongoing WTO case with Antigua and Barbuda.

An official familiar with the case said compensation claims by Antigua and Barbuda, the EU, India, Costa Rica, Canada, Macau and Australia were made last week in response to America's decision to exclude online gambling from its General Agreement of Trade in Services Agreement (GATS) schedule.

Japan has also lodged a letter of interest in the case, but has not asked for compensation, the official said.

"It's rather premature to say how things will proceed from here," the source added.

Antigua and Barbuda are seeking $3.44 million in compensation. A Costa Rican official confirmed that they were seeking compensation, but declined to offer specifics.

In March, the WTO ruled that the U.S. could not allow domestic companies to offer horse racing wagers and lotteries over the Internet without giving companies from other countries an opportunity to provide those services.


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I couldn't copy the report...but the link is here..very intersting reading..

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