Top Ten Reasons Why Bingo Beats TV


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Dec 16, 2004
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Top Ten Reasons Why Bingo Beats TV

1. You can't lose your online bingo remote control in the couch seats.

2. The people in the chat rooms really do exist, unlike the characters on Coronation Street.

3. On television, you watch people winning money you watch yourself winning money.

4. Two words: No commercials.

5. Yelling at your television just isn't as nice as chatting with your computer.

6. Chat rooms are more real and definitely more interesting than reality television.

7. Your favourite game is on all the time, and you never have to check the T.V. Guide.

8. Your bingo remote control never needs batteries.

9. Bingo keeps your brain alert; television rots it.

And finally: the tenth reason for why bingo is better than television:

10. Nobody ever called bingo "the boob tube".


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Jul 24, 2006
1. and 8. are false.

i have had my mouse fall between loose cushions and some (wireless) mice require batteries. :thumbsup:

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