Ted Loh


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For those who havent read their messages. Ted Loh was one of Casinomeisters best friend, who was a huge part of the casino industry. Sadly he passed away from Cancer and left behind a family. He had an affliate
Actually - it's all the 32red links on the site for the entire month - 32Red review

Or just click this one any ol' time of the year: https://www.casinomeister.com/goto.php?c=32redted
Thanks, I was just in the middle of typing up, but you beat me to it.
If anyone is curious in what this means. Read your messages that was sent this morning. I haven't had the honor of knowing Ted, but it struck home with me because it was not only cancer related, but his family who depends on revenue through his affiliates was horribly ripped off a couple of years ago? Through a rouge affiliate.


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Another year passed by.
Never met the fellow but did read a lot about him through Casinomeisters stories.
Happy birthday up in heaven Ted. :):):)
May the angelic beers flow for you today!!! :cheers: