Sunny's Complaints Guideline


On a Break
Dec 9, 2011
Ok I hope I am not overstepping my mark as I am fairly new to the forum. I follow or try to follow (i am only human) these steps. So I thought I would like to put this as a some sort of guideline maybe some people might find it handy before posting.

So here's a basic list that I try to follow before posting:

1.) Please understand the Casinos are businesses too and aren't charity so please consider their position before posting your demands and that they "owe" you something. The only thing they "owe" you is good service and support nothing more.

2.) Please be respectful. Whether a casino or another poster, this is a forum so freedom of speech is welcome, but, with freedom comes responsibility. You can complain about someone's opinion, or stance or position but not their personal life or them.

3.) People in CS are also doing a job. We all have bad days at work sometimes so try to clarify the situation.

4.) Never be ashamed of apologizing if you are wrong or you got someone wrong. This helps your real cause rather than the flare up because of it :)

5.) Get as much facts as you can gather including emails, records of phone calls, screenshots etc to backup your claim or complaint. As we expect the best from the casinos so should be expected of us to make the industry more efficient.

6.) Accept solutions when offered and update the members so any misunderstandings can be fixed.

7.) Lastly please understand that most of the Casinos are here because they ARE providing us with a product that WE want. So let's help them get it right and lets have a good time.

Again, it might seem like a one sided favoring the casino guideline but I think it's upto us here to make it civil so that when we DO have genuine complaints/ concerns casinos do take notice of it.

Also, wanted to mention like I said I am human and have probably broken All of the above in my short time but this is what I strive for when I post.