SportingBet's Notice Of Termination

Aleksandr Lis

Sep 25, 2004
From their e-mail:
We regret to inform you that, effective 1 October 2005, will no longer accept customer referrals via an Affiliate Program. Accordingly, SportingBet Plc. has issued a Notice Of Termination to all Affiliates registered with SportingBet Affiliates. As an Outsourced Affiliate Program Management Provider, we would like to further inform you of the recent decisions that were made by SportingBet and how these decisions will affect you in the forthcoming months.
As some of you may or may not be aware, currently has no geographical market that it focuses on and has growing restrictions on where it can and can not be advertised. Moving forward, SportingBet will alter the dynamics of the site, so that it enables the SportingBet European business to establish a single Pan-European brand, whilst in parallel, complimenting and supporting the regional brands.
In essence, will become a portal/gateway to the European domains. Therefore, will no longer acquire customers using its network of Affiliates, or through any other form of marketing. Instead, regional brands will use their own Affiliate Programs and marketing budgets to drive new customers to their businesses, contributing to the European business of Sportingbet.
It therefore comes with great remorse that we ask you to remove SportingBet's banners and links by 30 September 2005. Les and I understand that SportingBet's decision is a shock to many of you, and couldn't come at a worse time. Therefore, as your representatives, The Cyber Success Group Inc. has spent the past week negotiating the following set of special terms and conditions with SportingBet Plc., allowing you to continue to reap the rewards of your referrals:
Notice Of Change
CPA Commission Plan - If you joined our CPA Commission Program, SportingBet agrees to pay a $100 CPA for all Customers that are referred up to 30 September, and wager a minimum of 3 bets totaling a minimum of $100 in the Sportsbook. All customers that are referred to and meet these wagering requirements after 30 September are excluded from this Agreement.
Rev-Share Commission Plan - If you joined our Rev-Share Commission Program, SportingBet agrees to pay 25% of the Net Gaming Revenue generated by your Customers referred up to 30 September, and agrees to continue paying commissions on these customers up to 5 February 2005 (Superbowl Sunday). All customers that are referred to after 30 September are excluded from this Agreement.
2nd-Tier Commission Plan - If you referred Affiliates, that in-turn, referred customers up to 30 September, Sportingbet agrees to pay 5% of your referred Affiliates' commission up to 5 February 2006 (Superbowl Sunday). All customers that are referred to after 30 September are excluded from this Agreement.
Confidentiality - By continuing to participate in the Affiliate Program, you hereby agree not to make any claims, or damages, and not to request earnings above and beyond 5 February 2006. In addition, you further agree not to disclose, in a public forum or otherwise, the terms and conditions of this Notice Of Change.
It follows that, the SportingBet Affiliates Network will no longer accept applications and will close its doors indefinitely on 5 February. Up until such date, you will continue to receive your commission payments for wagers placed by your previous referrals up to Superbowl Sunday. However, if you would like to promote one of SportingBet's regional brands or if you're looking to work with another reputable Sportsbook, Poker Room, or Online Casino, please contact us, and we'll point you in the right direction.
Les and I would like to thank all of you for dedicating your time, your hard work, and your valued support over the past two years.
We will look forward to working with you in the future.
Best Regards,

Chris & Les,
Affiliate Marketing Experts
P.S. - Due to further challenges with the Finsoft/SportingBet integration, your Affiliate statistics will continue to be unavailable until further notice. We apologize for this delay, as we are awaiting a confirmation date when the problem will be rectified. Thank you for your continued patience.
I don't promote them so I am not sure what their T&Cs state. If they promise you the player account for life, they are in breach of contract and should continue to pay you on existing players, or negotiate a severance pay.

These folks are public and in Britain, they should be minding British law.

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