Slot Videos (Gameplay, Top 5, etc)- Now With Voice! - High Quality and Affordable


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Aug 1, 2013
Eastern Europe
Hi there. I've offered my services before here on Casinomeister and on other forums, usually as a writer. I've offered slot videos in the past as well, with gameplay, features or top 5's, but without voice. I've found a solution to the voice as well now, and you can see some samples below.

The videos that include voice use text-to-speech software, of very good quality, and the results are excellent. I believe you'd find it difficult to figure out that it isn't a human doing the talking in those videos, at least if you weren't warned about it beforehand.

You could make use of these slot videos in several ways. You could turn your existing slot reviews into videos for your YouTube channel, or you could go with videos made from scratch, where I write the articles for them as well (you also get the articles that are used for the audio).

Gameplay Videos

$2 - Slot Gameplay Video (no voice) - example here:

$4 - Slot Gameplay With Voice
(using your own articles and turning them into audio for the video that we're recording) - example here:

$14 - Slot Gameplay With Voice + 500 words slot review (I write the article, which you get along with the video)

Top 5 Videos

$10 - simple top 5 video (no voice) - example below, same as the one with voice, just without the commentary

$15 - top 5 video with voice, using your own text to turn into audio - example here:

$25 - top 5 video with voice + 500 words article (I write the top 5 article, which is turned into audio; you get it along with the video)

If you need other types of videos, let me know, I might be able to help you out. These two are the ones that I did for clients in the past. I can also upload the videos to YouTube, for free, if it's a long-term client or a larger order.

As for payments, I accept PayPal, bank transfers in EUR if you're from the EU, and in the near future credit cards as well. I offer an invoice, as a EU based company.

Send me a PM here if you're interested, or via email at contact [at]