Content Writer Available For Hire - 10 Years of Experience


Aug 1, 2013
Eastern Europe

I'm Alex, a content writer specializing in the casino niche, particularly in slot reviews. I've had a couple of long-term clients for the last 6-7 years, and I have a free spot right now, so I'm looking for additional work.

My experience over the last 10 years of writing in the casino niche lies mainly in slot reviews, and I've written thousands of those. Casino reviews, supplier reviews, and other articles in this niche are also familiar.

My rate is $3.50/100 words, but I will take $3/100 words for your first order. All articles are unique, pass Copyscape, and they get a high grade from Grammarly Pro.

For long-term work and large orders, the price can be negotiated.

Payment is made via PayPal or card (a button linking to a payment processor is included in the invoice).

I'm issuing invoices as an EU company. The rate will be lowered accordingly for EU companies paying VAT locally for these transactions, so the total price doesn't exceed $3.50/100 words.

Other services offered:

Article posting
: I've been a WordPress user for over 17 years, so if you need someone to post articles on your website, I can help out. I can follow instructions and use custom fields, take screenshots from slots and upload them, and even take articles from other writers through Grammarly Pro before posting them. The price is $15 per hour.

Slot gameplay videos: I can record short gameplay videos (2-3 minutes long) for your YouTube channel, presenting the slot machine and its paytable or using the Buy Bonus option. I can add an intro video you get from Fiverr and your logo in a corner. It's $4 per video. An older example with gameplay+paytable walkthrough is here:

I'm available again and here to make you an offer. For the first 30 days or so of our relationship, the introductory prices are below, and we can negotiate prices from there depending on the types of articles and volume of work.

Slot reviews: $2.50/100 words
Casino, supplier articles, other types: $3/100 words
Article posting/editing: $10/hour
Slot videos: $3/short video
I have an open spot again, so if you're looking for content, get in touch. My introductory prices are below:

Slot reviews: $2.50/100 words
Casino, supplier articles, other types: $3/100 words
Article posting/editing: $10/hour
Slot videos: $3/short video
Hi @Alexandru

Let’s have some fun. I’ll pay you to do a review of why Lottomart is better than my good friend @L&L-Jan great casinos.

If your review turns out his place is better, I’ll pay £100 to a charity of Jan’s choice. :) I play at L&L and it’s got to be a close call!

Game on?

Love that. Who dya reckon would win?

They both seem quite placid. I reckon Jan might just edge it if he's stocked up on secret juice (beer) :cheers:
I read that as Flacid. Thought you’d been speaking to my wife. 😂

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