serious problems at junglepoker


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Dec 13, 2007
hi all,

junglepoker is not processing withdrawals. I myself have a pending withdrawal of over has now been pending over 3weeks...and after i talked to the live support i was told that they have over 200 withdrawals on line since 1.11. They are saying they have problems connecting to their merchants...but on the same time they have made some random payots cant see how this can be nothing else but stalling the cashouts on purpose or the sad fact that might be having serious cashflow IMO stay away...dont put a dime in there....and good luck to everyone getting their money out...i know ill need it...


Aug 3, 2002
Las Vegas
Their network is in serious trouble. ePassporte stopped processing for them and for many weeks before that their network claimed to be having technical issues with ePass. In others words they had little or no money in their account, even with reserves.

There has been thread after thread at 2+2 and other poker portals about this. Also a couple of the skins left when Dobrosoft took DGN back over. Everything about that network screams problems.

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