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Jan 13, 2006
This is the email I have just sent Senator Frist and Senator Kyl

Dear Senator

My comments are regarding your rather sly means of obtaining passage of the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act.

Once again our elected officials and the Citizens of this Country have been denied a voice on an issue that I believe is a personal one that does not require involvement by the Federal Government.

As a Citizen in the highest tax bracket I do not see where you have any right telling me how I can spend my money.

The U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights are being further diluted by our Government and the Supreme Court of the United States.

When is it going to stop? There are far more important issues. Ones that involve increasing the quality of life and providing citizens with a safe environment.

This is just another indication that U.S. Citizens clearly have no voice in the way in which they are governed. It is also the reason many have lost trust faith in their elected officials.

These are my thoughts on this issue. I believe you should have followed the correct procedure and allowed debate on this issue. Also, I do not appreciate being told what I can spend my after tax money on. The choice should be mine not yours. I am not a gambler by any means but if I wanted to gamble on the internet, that should be my decision as a responsible adult.

I listed Civil Rights as my message topic because I believe this is an issue regarding rights of Citizens in this Country. Rights that are continually decaying.

Tracey Zale

(Obviously my email will do nothing, but I keep informed on what is happening in both my States Capitol and Federal Government and sending emails on the issues is my way of voicing my opinions.)
Kudos to you anyway, Tracey for letting these politicians know how you feel about their political skullduggery in hustling this bill through, and your opposition to their ban.

The legislators would be very unwise to continue ignoring the courteously expressed criticism of voters such as yourself, especially if they were receiving this sort of letter from thousands of voters and it is a course I wish other American online gambling supporters out there would follow.

BTW the PPA is mounting another mass attack on the bill, once again urging voters to take note of which elected representatives supported it, and urging them to voice their objections.

This organisation is one of the few that seems to be making a truly determined and coordinated effort to oppose the way US politicians are acting at present, and their short term goal is to get online poker onto the "carve out" list with state lotteries, fantasy sports and horse racing.
I would fully appreciate if someone could point me in the direction of the people who voted for the bill. I understand it was ports security bill as well. But who were the main backers?
Well said

My truly have a gift organizing words.

I am so depressed on how the US government works, that if I made on of those letters, it will be the most unpleasent disrespectful letter ever.

I can't disagree on any point you have stated on that letter.

As a matter of fact, if you have seen me mention that these guys are Facists worst than Hitler or Mussollini, you have said it in beautiful words.

I don't know if you are a gambler or not, but thats the attitude everyone should take. Is not only regarding gambling, this one goes through and they will be authorized by the people to later make calls as they wish on any matter.

Is not their call to tell the people what they can or can't spend their money. At least here in my country, the only thing I am not allowed to purchase is coke, heroine, crack or weed (which are easily purchased anyways). However, I would feel quite mad if at some point my government told me that I can't use my money on something I like and has been available for a while.

The bottom point is, I totally agree that they are focusing on non-priority issues. If I was a homeless person in New York on the edge of winter with out a shelter and found a newspaper with this crap, I would say: WHO GIVES A @t%@# IF SOME PEOPLE ARE GAMBLING... I AM HUNGRY AND COLD...? DOES ANY BODY CARES?
The link is to the old version of the bill which was voted on in July by the House. Nevertheless, it is an interesting link.

Am trying to find the newer links...

Sadly, not much since they were basically voice votes. But still...

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I searched for the passed bill in Congress Web Site. Either it is not posted there yet(which I suspect) or the bill that they voted on does not even show any of the provisions regarding Gambling.

Please read my new thread under casinos titled BUSH WILL SIGN BILL. For more of my ramblings on this subject.

Also, I have gambled online for 3 years. I just was not about to mention that in my emails to FRIST, who by the way is the Majority Leader and is an M.D.I did not mention it because our rights as individual to do as we choose given it is not hurting anyone else or depriving them of their rights, is really the deeper meaning of this bill.

We are heading toward a POLICE STATE and no one cares until it affects them. We need to care about all rights for all individuals not just given issues. I am not GAY for example but I will not take away someones right to be. I am not Jewish but if you are that is your right. I am sick of people fighting for their own self righteous reasons. Let people be themselves and true to their own beliefs. That is what all people every where should be fighting for.

I really need to get off the soapbox but this really ticks me off and sometimes when I have a strong belief I just have to get it out of my system.
The link is to the old version of the bill which was voted on in July by the House. Nevertheless, it is an interesting link.

Am trying to find the newer links...

Sadly, not much since they were basically voice votes. But still...

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Thanks, Spear - this seems to suggest that it will not be possible for the public to view exactly who voted for this port security bill, and in particular the online gambling prohibition measure attached to it.

That's unfortunate as it would have been good to study the list of Ayes and for those who feel strongly about this to contact them with a protest:

Quote: Sep 30, 2006: After passing both the Senate and House, a conference committee is created to work out differences between the Senate and House versions of the bill. A conference report resolving those differences passed in the Senate, paving the way for enactment of the bill, by Unanimous Consent. A record of each representative's position was not kept. Unquote

However, we know that although some opposed the totally unrelated gambling provisions attached to this bill they were stampeded into voting for the primary bill anyway, which deserves at least some opprobrium imo.

And we know that Kyl, Lungren and Frist, along with Leach and Goodlatte who have been doing a lot of crowing since it passed, were the main movers.
Ask Bill Frist the following!

Did he vote "yes" for the TN lottery that recently passed a year or so ago? Also, if hes so down on online gambling and how it effects US citizens then why does he allow Billboards promoting land based casino's from other states such as IL and MS all across the state of TN. I can't drive without a casino asking me to come and play poker or try their 98% payout slot machines. Another question since hes so againist gambling is why does he allow TV ads to be shown in TN for out of state land based casinos too??

It appears to me that Frist supports gambling if its operated by the state of TN and for some reason he turns his head at the advertising of out of state land based casinos.

TN law states that no gambling promotion should occur within the state other than the legal lottery and I'm sure this would include Billboards, TV ads from out of state casinos. Frist needs to clean up his own back yard before moving to the internet...

Just my 2 cents from a local perspective!!

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