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Dec 25, 2009
Hi there! I have been a silent follower of your site for it! I apologize in advance if this is somewhere on your site, but I could not find it. Rich Reels has told me that they accept US players. I am a bit suspicious, since I was under the impression Micros were NOT allowing US players. They assured me that some law???? allows them to let US players play with them. I guess I need to know if they are legit and what you may know of them. After being seriously screwed by Cool Cat, (before I found you) I am much more researched based now on where I play. BTW, after much ado, Cool Cat did come thru paying me 12K I had won, it came in strange western union checks, a sketchy wire that my bank held for some time, and another check.
Anyway, off topic, is Rich Reels legit or not? I do not see them in accredited, nor do I see them in Rogues.......Could you shed some light on this for me?
BTW again, I did too have a long, long wait with RUshmore recently, after contacting the manager, after I did finally get my money, I thought it cool they put a $500 bonus in my account with a 15x playthru....decent!
Thanks Casinomeister, you are the best!


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May 11, 2008
I signed up with them last year after mcg stopped new signups. They are legit but I can't tell you how they pay out as I've only deposited there twice and lost rather quickly.

They've also sent me 40 free spins on several games at different times where I've won 15 to 20 bucks and lost that quick to. I no longer have any mcg on my puter so I didn't play enough to get a real feel of the casino.


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Aug 25, 2004
Bexhill on sea, England
They are legit, but they are treading on VERY dodgy ground by defying the MG ban on the USA. If MG find out they could be in big trouble. Mind you, there are rumors around that MG will be stopping ALL play from the USA in the not too distant...
I am meeting their rep in London next weekend - I'll see if I can get any inside info on this.