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Oct 5, 2005
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I noticed in a recent thread that Casinomeister said Argentina was not a good country for reputable casinos. Can someone tell me, which are the good countrys, and the bad countrys for online casinos?
You're likely to get any number of subjective opinions on this, so let me start with the first one!

Many of the national jurisdictions like Sweden, France, Italy and other EC countries seem to have the gambling monopoly neatly tied up by the State, hence the ongoing "sovereignty" litigation by major betting groups trying to enforce the free trade aspects of EC membership.

The Kahnawake jurisdiction run by the first nation Mohawks near Montreal in Canada licenses over 300 casinos using various softwares and claims to have a viable enforcement based on regulations framed by a famous US gaming lawyer called Frank Catania. Unfortunately it was a bad communicator at one time and showed little interest in player disputes in its earlier days, and there was the embarrassing Sunny-MGS confrontation in their front yard. I had some frustrating experiences back then trying to mediate cases, but I get the vibe that they are making moves to tighten up their operation. Time will tell whether that has been effective.

For all their shouting and yelling (and high profile litigation against the USA in the WTO), Antigua is not much good in this regard imo - over the years I have tried to communicate with their various directors of offshore gaming during the course of mediator activities, but in general they have not been helpful and it is an achievement to even squeeze a response out of them even today.

Most of the other so-called licensing jurisdictions like Belize and Costa Rica on the South American sub continent, and in the Caribbean are a joke in my view and I doubt that these organisations are interested in biting unethical or crooked licensees. That's a broad generalisation I know, but that is my personal experience over some time - it is very difficult to get anything done with places like Curacao or Dominica. I don't have a lot of respect for places like Belize or Costa Rica, despite their concentrations of offshore gambling firms because it seems to me they are all talk and no substance.

Australia was a big hope for many of us at one time and seemed to be on the right track for real and effective Internet gambling regulation. It could have been a major centre for the industry, bringing taxes and employment, but unfortunately the Aussie federal government managed to screw that one up. The Aussie regulations are enforced, but casinos cannot accept Aussie gamblers. I have not had any experience with resolving disputes at places like Lasseters and my impression is that they do not have too many. That said, I would think the chances of a hearing are better here than anywhere in the Caribbean or South America.

I've spent time with some of the Isle of Man, Gibraltar and Alderney people on a number of occasions and I've been impressed with their professionalism and commitment, giving them a level of credibility in my eyes. I can't recall any de facto complaints to test that opinion, however.

Offering attractive taxation regimes, that sort of probably more expensive jurisdiction with well funded practical infrastructures, responsive communications and applied regulatory procedures tends to attract better run companies so one doesn't see too many complaints about their licensees. If there were, I surmise that a meaningful dialogue would quickly be established.

I know nothing about the more esoteric jurisdictions like Aruba, but I wouldn't think they would be too useful. And forget about First Cagayan in the Phillipines - they don't even bother to respond.

I have very positive expectations for the new UK Gambling Commission, which is canvassing wide consultative input right now in preparation for the start of its regulatory role in I think 2007. They have been talking to some very clued-up folks across the industry and that augers well for a practical and effective jurisdiction that will police its licensees and take decisive action to uphold fair and player protective online gambling. Given a reasonable Brit tax regime, we could see significant online gaming companies migrating there.

Prior to a current and as far as I know still ongoing dispute involving a non-payment of GBP 66 000 I was reserving judgement on Malta which I gather now has over 100 mainly European based licensees. It's still early days, but I have to say that so far their quick response and preparedness to listen to the player's side has encouraged me.

Again - time will tell, as will their actions in this case against Euro Gaming/

With Republican Representative James Leach just unleashing another attempt to cripple internet gambling and Republican Senator Jon Kyl always in the background, aided by a Department of Justice that seems determined to ignore the facts and classify internet gambling as *illegal* in terms of the antiquated Wire Act I unfortunately do not see the general US position improving anytime soon. It's confusing, with different States allowing different gambling genres but overall not an encouraging prospect right now for online gaming regulation and taxation.

That's a huge pity, because most of the online gambling emanates from the States and a sensible approach to regulation and taxation rather than attempts to ban a clearly very popular activity could make for massive improvements in the way business is done and the protection of the player.

That's top of my wish list.
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Thanks Brian, a very informative post - players should bookmark this thread :D

One thing to bear in mind, the choices a casino makes in its decision on where and how it is licensed is a direct reflection on its operation. Licenses issued from Central and South America are normally business licenses and there are no gaming regulations involved whatsoever.

Now some casinos that are solid, well-run, and continue to harbor trust and confidence in players, were initially set up in Costa Rica (Bodog and iNetBet immediately come to mind). These are the exception rather than the rule. And if they were getting into the business right now, I would guess they would choose another jurisdiction from which to launch their sites.
jetset said:
You're likely to get any number of subjective opinions on this, so let me start with the first one!

That was a really interesting post! :thumbsup:
Impressive post Jetset. I would only add that in addition to the location of the online casino, you should also look at who they are certified by. An organization like eCOGRA goes to great lengths to validate that an online casino or poker operation is trustworthy and operating at high standards. It would be interesting to look at the eCOGRA certified sites and compare where they are in the world.
very nice post jetset, i would like to point something out about the UK though, although we have a very high reputation when it comes to the integrity of betting/gaming companies we have the anomaly (prior to the new regulations coming into force) of having probably one of the most deregulated gaming industries legally speaking.

either way a punter or the gaming company can screw you over and there is jackshit you can do about it for either party.

however the difference with the UK is that we have had about 40 years of legalised betting in this country now and all of the sharks have long gone through being squeezed out of the market by the reputable firms.
First Cagayan in the Philippines

Nice post jetset. :notworthy But I would like to mention that not all casinos from First Cagayan is like what you've said. I've been playing in Zipang Casino, which also got their license there, and Customer Support is very prompt. Try it out some time. :notworthy Again, kudos to your post jetset. :notworthy
Well, MUSTbet I think you're an example of bad online casino practice - you've been spamming the hell out of this board today on your Zipang operation without too much subtlety, First Cagayan license notwithstanding!!!!

As for that jurisdiction - I still await a response from them after several reminders over a few weeks. If they don't communicate with the outside world (especially on complaints) then I'm afraid I lose respect for them.
Geeze, the crap I put up with.

Just to teach the casino a lesson, I've made their name a censored word ha ha.

This should serve as a warning to shills (users posting as players - yet connected to the casino). Do not abuse this board.

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