Recent DDoS attack


Jun 7, 2004
One of my sites suffered during recent DDoS attack. It was down for 4 days, after attack was over I've got an e-mail (bold was in e-mail):

We provide the most robust and secure DDoS mitigation platform today.
Companies and organizations that rely on us include:
BETonSports,, playtech, TRIBECA TABLES, bet365, ARENANET, NYSE, Ameritrade, ING, Scots Trade, CIBC, Fiserv, Freemont Bank, Randolph Brooks, The Carlyle Group, Datacash, over 3,000 financial institutions, Amazon, Expedia,, Office Depot,,, Gap, Levis, Oracle,,, BlueStreak, Addrive, Eprize, SonyMusic - over 11,000 customers.
My contact is below and you can reach me anytime.
Best Regards,
Adam Tran
Global Business Development
NeuStar Ultra Services (formerly UltraDNS)
( Office: 571.434.6616
( Cell: 703.226.9605
2 Fax: 703.547.6070
* Email:

I didn't reply so in several days I got another one:

Hope all is well I would like to talk to you about and let you know that your risking your competitive edge and I see a great product that will change the gaming industry and with my help I will insure your longevity like I have done for your competitor like b2bpoker, Bet365, Neteller,,, Casinofotune, BetonSports, and Playtech etc. have all come to the same conclusion that we are the leader when it comes to the gaming industry.
I know youre a smart business man and Im sure you would make the right decision.
Look forward for your respond.

Best Regards,
Alejandra Taborga
Director Business Development
NeuStar Ultra Services formerly Ultra DNS
703-547-6032 Direct
703-371-6020 Cell
703-547-6070 Fax

2nd looks quite threatening for me... So what do you think. Does this company organised the whole attack?