Dormant account
Feb 13, 2004
Victoria, TX
I was reffered by Rick from OSCA and he told me maybe you could help me out. I was recently scammed out of 65,000 dollars. I'm tring to locate these people who scammed me. He said that maybe I would have a better chance if I contacted you. These men were from and They promised me money and I went for it. I have no clue in how I can get my money back. I'm very pissed. But who wouldn't be? These guys names were David Green and Adam Wyatt. They e-mailed my friend telling him that they would be our sports advisors for only 250 dollars a month. When he called their numbers this man said that that was chump money and he could offer us something better. A comp this man said we could get as long as we take care of the western union fees in sending it down here. This man said I would have to send 3960 dollars to get 86000 dollars. I'm only 21 and common' how can I say no. Besides the hurricane Claudette came and messed up my furniture and I got a check for 14000 dollars. I wanted to get a house so I wanted to try something. Thats what these men said. We called western union to see how much it would take to send that kind of money and they were right. So, anyways they kept saying how we kept messing up and doing everything wrong and said we were getting a fine because nothing happened and my friend cussed them out and said he would kill them if nothing happened. So we gambled our money making thousands of dollars just for them to take it. Sucks!!! Now, we have nothing and he said there is nothing we could do about it and ha ha. Ewwwe!!!! He pissed me off and I was justice. I one time told him he had 24 hours to give me my money back and that I was advised not to speak to him again on his answering machine. Boy he kept calling and calling trying to get to me. But I was playing my cards right. Finally my dad messed it up for me and they caught my bluff. Now I'm left with nothing. Can you help me? David Green's number 1-800-286-4097 and Adam Wyatt 1-702-213-5134 David also has these other numbers 1-702-355-6829, 1-561-706-6144 And one other man named Bob Filderman 1-800-515-0371. Adam said they were a consortium. And they were in buisness marketing. Can you help?
Michelle Villarreal =)