Query re. free blackjack online - con?


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Hi Brian

I have a question for you, if you'd be so kind

When playing for free in an online casino, eg. blackjack, is it likely that the casino are tipping the odds in your favour to encourage you to go into the main casino playing for money?

The reason I ask is that we are testing out a new system for blackjack and it appears to be working, unless this is happening.

I hope you can help


Meri x


I don't know what Brian think, but me and many other players are sure that many casinos (though not all) offer different odds at fun and real games. And it's really hard to find out which casinos are honest and which are not.


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sorry to disappoint you but theres no new "system" theres just basic strategy and not basic strategy the second one being worse than the first... ;-)

BTW: Does anyone here experience any irregularities concerning Double Down at CoN??


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Thanks for that, YuraK. Have you or anyone else managed to find any information on which casinos do play fairly on free games?