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Just thinking, I absolutely hate the Tories. I don't agree with their Victorian policies or believe their propaganda about the poor. The banks got us into this mess, yet it is the poor & most vulnerable members of society who are being punished for the greedy excess of the bankers. And the banks are still at it & getting away with it. Since the Condem party got in power it has done just that condemned the poor of Britain to a bleak future. Since they got in power for the first time since the evil Thatcher era, poor families are having to go to food banks to feed their kids. Not just those on benefits either, but factory workers who do incredibly long hours and can't afford the rising costs of living which are set to get worse.

This idea of making people work full-time for their benefits is mean as well. Don't have a problem with working, but they should be getting paid the full minimum wage, else it will create an underclass & even more poverty. It isn't right.

I also don't agree with these snooping laws. State surveillance is wrong no matter how you try to sell it with hype about terrorism. Those surveillance powers will be misused. That's what the Stasi in East Germany did, spied on everyone. The government line of : 'nothing to hide, nothing to fear.' Is creepy & like something out of George Orwell's 1984.

I don't like the way things are going & hate feeling powerless to do anything.

The LibDems, what a dissapointment. They really do appear to be nothing more than a tail being wagged by the Tory bitch.

I didn't vote Conservative I don't know anyone who did. Yet somehow they got in power with less than a third of the populations vote which doesn't seem fair to me.

I don't think our voting system in Britain is fair, I think proportional representation would be better, but can't see that ever happening. Some democracy this is, always a two horse race, don't like either of them :(

(Good to get this political rant off my chest.)

This article is interesting as well about rich people's attitudes towards the poor:

Keep it real, say whatever you think, even if you're a Tory lover, good to hear different people's views, nobody has to agree with them :cool:

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