Casino Complaint Problem with Cherry Red Software


Dormant account
Aug 18, 2009
I'm new at all this so maybe someone can help or offer an explaination. On Monday I made a deposit at Cherry Red after about 5min of play I recieved a message saying something to the effect "problem with random jackpot" this happened with all the games and I could not play. I contacted support and they told me that the Tech dept. would handle it and to come back to play in 10min. I was locked out for two hours. On thursday I made two deposits, my money was gone in 20min the games were erratic, the reels spun with a jerky motion, suddenly stoped without me hitting the stop button, symbols would change after the reels stopped and when I would try to leave a game and return to the lobby the screen would go white and say not connected to the casino and I would have to log out and then log back in,I called the casino and was told to email the tech dept. and they would look at my play and contact me. I have heard nothing back. Now I feel very angry as I have made many, many deposits there, they have never given me anything free but I have been told that they are a good casino. It's bad customer service and I thinking of depositing somewhere else.

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