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May 11, 2024
These games - Big Bass etc - often have tournaments/ drops & wins you can join when loading up the game.

The tournaments seem a bit unnecessary because any winners will by default have had to have won already, and won big.

But the ‘prize drops’ puzzle me. In all the time I’ve played the many games, opted in, I’ve never had a thing from these supposed drops. No cash, no free spins, nothing. And as i understand it, any spin qualifies and could potentially win something - and there’s always thousands of little prizes available.

Has anyone ever had any of these? If so, what happens in the game? Or am I better off not opting into these because it seems pointless.
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You opt in automatically by playing the games.

I've gotten like 4 prizes in 5 or so years (3 tiny ones and one that was pretty ok actually), and I play Pragmatic all the time, so I'd say the chances to win any are absolutely minimal. Got one a few days ago though, a x10 on my bet (which was 0.5). It popped up while playing, not sure if it was immediately credited. Got no notification other than that, but you can always check if you've won by clicking on the tournament symbol, it'll take you to a list of winners, and it'll say "You" and the prize if you got any.
Ah, thanks. At least it is possible to win something, although with the sheer amount of very low value prizes you’d think they’d not be quite so rare to see.
Remember these prize pools are across all sites (and heavily promoted by the fake money streamer crowd), and often over long periods.

Additionally, a lot of the newer offerings are multipliers of stake rather than fixed cash prizes - so the headline prize pool is "predicted" (whether you believe the prediction or not) rather than actual.

So there may be thousands or tens of thousands of spins per trivial prize awarded - "absolutely minimal" mentioned above is a good summary of it. It's like trying to win a daily drop jackpot in the first three quarters of the day... it's mathematically possible but will it happen? 🥶

As a related aside, there is a Wazdan network promotion going on now - I've seen multiple operators quote a €4m prize pool (based on every box having the maximum prize) rather than the declared prize pool of €800k (a mixture of four prize tiers). So just because a site is claiming it's true, I wouldn't necessarily believe it is either...

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