PR: IGC Applauds Kentucky Court Ruling Prohibiting the Seizure of Domain Names


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Interactive Gaming Council (IGC) Applauds Kentucky Court of Appeal
Ruling Prohibiting the Seizure of Online Gaming Domain Names

LOUISVILLE, Kentucky January 20, 2009 The IGC applauds the Kentucky Court of Appeals ruling today that prohibited the State of Kentuckys seizure of 141 domain names belonging to Internet gambling operators, many of whom are members of the IGC.

As a result of the appeals process an informed and judicious decision has been made, which confirms our original views on these proceedings. IGC members are pleased and we stand committed to continuing our advocacy of a regulated online gaming industry. The IGC strongly believes that if policy makers want to protect children, individuals that suffer adverse consequences of excessive gambling and the general public, the true and only response is regulation, stated John Kennedy FitzGerald, IGC Chief Executive Officer.

FitzGerald went on to say, the IGC took a leadership role in advancing these proceedings on behalf of internet businesses everywhere and our organization is humbled by this decision and by the overwhelming support received from internet businesses and free speech organizations everywhere and we wish to thank them for their support throughout this process.

The appellate court ruling was welcome news to the strong coalition, including the Poker Players Alliance, the ACLU of Kentucky and the Electronic Frontier Foundation, all of whom argued that the original seizure of domain names was inappropriate. "This is a very important decision for anyone doing business on the internet," said Jeff Ifrah, counsel for the Interactive Gaming Council (IGC). "We hope this will prevent misguided state officials from considering litigation against on-line industries located outside of its state boundaries. While this proceeding was ill conceived, the judicial process was
permitted to properly function for which we are grateful. The Court of Appeals has now corrected a fundamental misunderstanding by the trial judge in this proceeding regarding the nature of the internet and the legality of online gaming in Kentucky," Ifrah continued.

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Formed in 1996, the IGC is the leading trade association for the international interactive gaming industry with its membership operating or supplying services to the most reputable interactive sites on the World Wide Web. Based in Canada, the IGC champions initiatives that address the multi-various challenges and opportunities facing the internet gaming industry in order to ensure an environment of fair and responsible gaming.


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Kentucky is going to appeal the courts decision:

Kentucky Appeal Announced In Internet Gambling Domain Name Case

The state of Kentucky did not waste much time after losing their court battle
against 141 online gambling sites. The state has announced plans to appeal
to the Kentucky Supreme Court.

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