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Feb 22, 2001

Pressure group recruiting regional reps to expand influence

If you're one of the tens of thousands of U.S. poker players who feels strongly about the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act and its impact on your pastime of choice, and you're prepared to do something about it, read on....

The 110 000 strong Poker Player's Alliance is busy expanding its influence and voice in U.S. national affairs affecting the game by building a stronger American regional infrastructure, and is currently seeking volunteers prepared to serve as State directors in the organisation.

Michael Bolcerek, PPA president, says the PPA needs a more formal structure in order to strengthen its presence, raise awareness and recruit new members, and that the state directors will play an important role in the future of the organisation and what it achieves going forward.

"As the recent election showed, poker payers are becoming a voice that cannot be ignored," he said. "Harnessing that power on a state-by-state basis will be an essential element of our continued success."

The type of people the PPA is looking for to fill the state director positions include:

* Motivated and energetic individuals who are passionate about promoting and defending the game of poker
* Individuals who are creative self-starters and are able to organise others and activities at a local level
* People who are politically connected to their elected officials or have a willingness to engage political figures on poker issues
* People who will be comfortable talking with the media, both print and broadcast, on issues important to the poker-playing community.

If you're over 21 years of age and feel you can make a difference, email a 250 to 500 word summary of your capabilities and ideas to rep@pokerplayersalliance.org. The e-mail should include a subject line of "State Director" and your name, address, state, zip code and your PPA membership number.

The deadline for submission is January 5, and applicants should be advised of the outcome of the selection process by the middle of January.
Thanks for that, pokeraddict - it is valuable in putting this outfit and its activities into the proper perspective imo.

I note that the assessment was apparently unable to verify the membership numbers of this body which have been variously claimed as 100 000 - 115 000 which, if true, is a reasonably impressive membership.

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