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Apr 20, 2003
I got this big on sports mag, and it list 5 poker rooms, that i know are not well rank on pokerpulse


have you played at any of these
Americascardroom is a poker room owned by Betcris. It is mostly NL and PL games. The rake is the highest on the net. They give a monthly reload and have some 50-75 skins that all offer monthly reloads too.

Three (Aloha, Pokershootout and Netpoker24) of the 4 listed rooms are skins and Pokerstand looks a lot like a skin to me but is unlisted at Pokerpulse's list of skins. I would presume another ACR (Americas Card Room) skin. Betcris dba Americas Card Room banks the entire network.

Many have said Aloha got the best Dobrosoft software that has ever been made.

Pokershootout is rumoured to have an intentional, unreasonable, unpublished cashout restriction if you try to hit and run their room.

I know nothing about netpoker24 other then they are listed as acr skin.

The games at ACR are very easy but have high variances with all the bad play from presumably sports gamblers. Bad beats will occur when people make really bad calls. Betcris is a well established sportsbook so the money is safe too. I have been reviewing 2 skins for my website and their cashouts on the network are 12-24 hours. Any poker room associated with a sports book tends to offer great games.
Netpoker24 is owned by a group of norwegian poker players.

I have only played there once, and it`s nothing special. A bit of a hassle with cashouts, since they recquired a copy of my credit card and an utility bill.

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