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Mar 3, 2006
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Poker Night Live Launches in Scandinavia

Tuesday 14th March 2006: Pokerzones flagship show Poker Night Live launches across Scandinavia and can now be watched in 6 million homes every night on Viasat channel Quiz Nation from 11pm 4am.

Poker Night Live is the first ever programme to integrate live internet action with television output. Expert presenters and guests commentate as viewers play live on the channel from the comfort of their own homes via the internet.

The show has grown in popularity since pokerzones launch in April and the reach is now in the region of 200,000 unique viewers a week nationwide. The show features a variety of cash games, single table tournaments and the recently launched multi-table tournaments with over 100 people playing simultaneously.

Pokerzone has moved into Scandinavian, European and Canadian markets in an attempt to satisfy the demand from the public to improve their poker skills. Pokerzones mission since its launch in May 2005 has been to provide this service, The poker channel for the people, run by the people.

Managing Director Jim Sibcy says, these are very exciting times for Pokerzone and the move into Scandinavia is an obvious progression for us. We hope to see the same success for Poker Night Live in Europe as we have had in the UK and I am certain we will.

Creative Director Sam Orams continues, Poker Night Live works over here and the awards prove that. We will be using Scandinavian presenters for this new version so that we create a programme that really involves the audience. Its a fantastic new challenge, watch this space..

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